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Looking back at the recruiting evaluation on J.W. Walsh

This is quite funny to look back on.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

I’m sure you all realize by now that we don’t dive into recruiting much here, but sometimes it’s fun to check the old recruiting pages of guys after they’ve been in college a couple years. ¬†This isn’t a Walsh-hating post, but rather a look back at how two of the leading recruiting sites broke down Walsh in their evaluations.

Rivals: “He throws well on the run and is truly a throw-first, run-second guy.”

Scout: “Strong armed quarterback who will get stronger. He throws a nice tight pass, does very well on fly patterns and patterns between the hash. He knows how to get just enough loft on the pass to get it over defenders and into his receivers hands.”

Quick note: I sat in a couple different sections at the Kansas State game. In each one I heard constant grumbling about Walsh and the 80-year-old guy in front of me going off like a freight train with his Choo-Choo-ing.

I’d rather have Chelf as the starting QB but Gundy made the call with Walsh after the Mississippi State game and he needs to stay committed to it. He did that and it paid off on the touchdown drive late in the 4th.

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