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Madre Harper Talks Early Enrollment, Plans to Visit



Madre Harper has been one of the highest performing recruits in Oklahoma State’s 2016 recruiting class this season. Harper has blocked kicks, punts, intercepted passes, and been all over the field for the Lamar Vikings.

Asked this week from Scout on what fans should expect to get from him, he had no shyness. “I think they’re getting a very wiry, you obviously can tell I’m very passionate about the game. I think they’re getting an all-around player. I can go back and play kickoff, kick returns, blocks…   I just want to go back there and make plays and, you know, knock someones head off.”

He mentioned passionate on multiple occasions, and it’s pretty clear his love for football is part of what had the coaching staff so high on him. The coaches expect him to come to Stillwater in December and enroll early, and if he is able to get to a respectable playing weight to work off his somewhat wiry frame, he could be a big impact freshman next year for the Cowboys. If confidence off-field translates on the field, he should have no problem making the transition from high school to college.

He hasn’t set a date, but said he’ll likely be taking his official visit to Stillwater to watch the TCU game.

Check out the full interview from Scout here.


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