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Mailbag Friday: where Zac Robinson goes on the Bachelor



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

Thanks for getting your questions in today on Twitter. I’ll try to start doing this more often if you guys promise to ask good questions (“talk about” will get you blocked). I feel inspired by the #AskGundy shenanigans. I won’t make you start an #AskPistols hashtag but let’s start having some fun with this…

Who is your favorite PFB contributor? – @mattquade12

OKC Dave.

Which would you rather experience in person again: ’04 Regional Final, Durant 3OT game, 2011 Bedlam, Ventura breaks hit streak? – @mattquade12

First of all, aren’t you working on your PhD? Do you really have time to be interacting with a blogger multiple times on Twitter during the school day? If I had to pick one of those though it would probably be the 3OT game. You guys know my feelings on GIA and despite that game being kind of the last great moment (other than beating KU in Sean’s last season) it was as pure and as unhinged as I’ve ever seen the place. Plus the fact that we knew with 100% certainty that KD was going to be a future killer in the NBA made it that much more special.

Better chance… #okstate football making a BCS game or #okstate football making the final four? – @mttruelove

Pretty good (fair) question that I’ve been debating for 15 minutes. I told you guys earlier this year that our basketball team was definitely better than our football team and got laughed off the Internet. It’s going to be much of the same next year but (and I can’t believe I’m saying this about a dude who tucks hoodies into his pants) I trust Gundy a lot more than I trust Ford.

Plus there’s a blueprint for getting to a BCS bowl. You know pretty much exactly what you have to do (win the conference) and exactly how you’re going to do it before the season starts. Making the Final Four is much more volatile. You could get a wildly mis-seeded team in the first round (hi, Oregon) or a Steph Curry reincarnate in the second. The NCAA Tournament is such a wild card so even though our basketball team will again be better than our football team, I’ll go BCS bowl.

What’s your favorite mythical creature? – @aboedeker

Dana Holgorsen.

Single greatest O-State sports moment for you? – @jamiedonwheat

Fantastic question. My real answer is probably Christmas 2004 when I gave my pops the baseball I pitched with to make the OSU baseball team for a semester in Stillwater[1. That’s not really ever getting topped.] but that’s more of a personal deal nobody can really relate to.

You know the first thing that popped in my head? The punt return Dez had against Houston in ’09. Here’s what I wrote about that three years ago on this site:

The combination of the weather (misty and overcast), the score (down 24-7 at half), the ranking (#5), Dez (my favorite OSU football player ever),  and that I was sitting with my parents and one of my best friends was like the perfect storm of  an “I can’t believe this is happening I wish somebody was video taping my reaction right now” moment. I’m not even real sure what I did but my buddy, Nolo, started dropping 5 and 4 letter words right after Dez’s first juke towards the sideline and we both just freaked out. It was like that though, Dez standing on his own 30 staring at Gallagher-Iba ready to return a punt made me feel like I could do anything. I don’t even know why, I just loved the scene: 50,000 suspenseful OSU fans, one terrified punter, an opposing special teams coach who couldn’t look, Dez in all his justified swagger ready to house anything kicked his way. It was perfect.

How many mint juleps should me and Sheets have bought you to see you run across the port-o-pottys at the ’08 Kentucky Derby? – @nolancox

If you haven’t been to the Kentucky Derby, this is a thing. Everybody on the infield gets drunk and starts basically slip-n-sliding atop the port-o-pottys while bros in Bama croakies and Columbia fishing shirts drunkenly chant their names. A tradition unlike any other.

The answer, by the way, is probably three. Mint Juleps at the Derby are sneaky crazy. One and you’re like “what the heck was in that?” Two and Amanda Bynes’ Twitter account starts to make a lot more sense. Three and you do the port-o-potty thing. Four and you might be dead.

Oh, and if you’re in college and you haven’t gone to the Derby, tickets to the infield are $40. Stop reading this, get in your car, and start driving. You’re done with finals, what do you have to do that’s going to be more entertaining than a weekend in Louisville? That frisbee golf game at Boomer will be there when you get back.

Favorite bar in STW? Do you know how to two step? Would you two step w/Gundy if it meant he and Holder would get along? – @benallenkosu

Murphy’s, easily, it’s not even close. This is like asking an OU fan where his favorite place to shop is. You’re going to get the random outlier who says Target or the Dollar Tree but if you don’t hear Wal-Mart then some reevaluation probably needs to take place. Yes and yes to your last two questions. I’d do a lot worse than two-step with Gundy.

All time favorite GIF? – @tyketch

Honestly, this one is pretty tough to top. I’m biased because I made it and it’s OSU-related, but it has everything.


Any suggestions on how to get Ford in a scandal?  – @nickkyger

Phenomenal question. I don’t see Ford pulling a Larry Eustachy or Mike Price or anything like that, he just doesn’t seem like that kind of dude. So we’re probably going to be looking at more of a Mike Rice incident. I mean, look at the GIF above. It’s not that difficult to see Ford picking up a rack of balls and slinging it at Le’Bryan after Christien Sager snags a rebound over him for the 29th straight time in practice, is it?

My suggestion, if you want it badly enough, go back to school for another degree and apply to become a student manger or grad assistant or whatever. The key here is to emphasize how much you appreciate player development (Ford loves this) and you’ll probably get the gig. From there all you have to do is strap a GoPro to your person somewhere and let Nash and Sager take over.

It seems like somebody close to Boone could get him to turn on Ford too. “Hey Boone, Ford gave $10 to the Obama campaign last year.” Gone.

Other than your current one, dream job? – @cwknoxosu

I’m not going to lie, my job(s) right now are pretty phenomenal. I wake up early, get my work done, sometimes work in the afternoon but usually just play with my kid or go play golf or work in the yard or whatever. My ultimate goal is to not have an employer. I don’t want somebody to be able to tell me when to work. Granted, complaining about “having” to write about golf is like Tom Brady complaining about Gisele gaining 1 lb. after having three kids, but still. I would love to be financially independent as an entrepreneur by running this blog, maybe writing some books, owning some businesses etc. So to answer your question, my dream job isn’t with one employer, but in being my own boss which I feel like I’m trending towards right now.

If you could choose any #okstate athlete/coach/administrator be on any reality TV show, who/what show would you pick? – @allisonmbrown

Candidates: Byron Eaton on the Biggest Loser, Billy Bajema on the Apprentice, Prentiss Elliot on Survivor (omg), Clint Chelf on America’s Next Top Model, Marcus Smart and Phil Forte on Amazing Race, Gundy on Dancing With the Stars (!), but the winner has to be…

Zac Robinson on the Bachelor. He would be perfect, no? Semi-famous, great athlete, proficient with the ladies, shy enough to piss off all the girls, talented and good-looking enough to piss off all the guys, funny enough to roll with Chris Harrison. What OSU fan wouldn’t watch this?

How did Bubba’s support of Broussard resonate in the gold community? – @idpokefan

I don’t think it stirred anybody up too much except for a few wonky bloggers and writers such as myself. My bigger issue with the whole Broussard/Bubba/whoever else said something thing was this:

Why are people who call themselves “tolerant of all types of people” suddenly as intolerant as Nick Saban at an officials convention when Christians or peoples of [fill in a faith or religion here] express opinions they hold to be truth. I find that irony to be thick and that attitude to be insufferable. If you’re “tolerant” you don’t get to pick and choose what you’re tolerant of. It’s like being pregnant. Either you are or you aren’t.

Non-OSU golfing foursome? – @kevindavis31

We’re playing Augusta (duh). I’ll say Andy Roddick (stories for days and if he brings his wife, no complaints), Bill Clinton (stories for days but he can’t bring his wife), and Steve Spurrier (there has to be very few experiences on earth more unique than playing a round at Augusta National with Steve Spurrier).

All-NBA Thug team…top 3 guys you’re bringing to a bar fight…or a back alley? – @ryanduffie

Great one to end on. I’ll start with my OSU guy Tony Allen who has just enough crazy in him to be potentially the most effective dude in the fight. I want to go Z-Bo but that might be too much crazy on onne side, they might turn on me. I can’t go Metta, Matt Barnes, Boogie Cousins, or KG for similar reasons. So I’ll say Perk (he’s as slow as a Molina brother but you aren’t getting up if he connects) and Kenneth Faried. This gives me strength (Faried), size (Perk), and quickness (TA). I have no idea what I’m going to be doing (filming?) but at least I’d feel good about my safety.

Also, the three NBA guys I’d least like to have on my side in a fight are Vince Carter, Steph Curry, and Melo. And probably Steve Blake.

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