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Mailbag Wednesday: Taking back Monken and Tyreek the babysitter

Plus, more on why I’m trying to run JW out of Stillwater.



Welcome back to Mailbag Wednesday — Where the takes are hot, the comments are real, and the questions, as always, are awesome.

Here we go.

I think I could find it in my heart to take back the guy who willed JW and his right appendage to three (!) 300+ yard passing games in the four that he played.

Plus, Monken is one of the five greatest quotes in OSU history. He just doesn’t care, especially when he’s a coordinator.

If we could figure out how Holgorsen and Monk could co-exist in the booth together without a homicide I’d be happier than a second-team receiver running with Daxx all summer.

Not sure if serious.

I think the real question is if you got all three into an open field in Oklahoma in November and tested this whether or not Tyreek could avoid getting shot.

I laughed at this. I want Tyreek to make my coffee, walk my kids, and somehow get inside my computer and become my Internet connection.

This is a good question. I think Missouri State was the outlier but I’m not unconcerned about it. It’s the safeties that worry me, too (and I’m not the only one).

I’ll roll with Peterson/Lampkin against any Big 12 QB but Larry Stephens and Jordan Sterns have been a little shaky to stay the least. Can we scrimmage Baylor just to find out who can go and who should sit?

Now, this last one wasn’t a question on Twitter but I wanted to respond to a comment I got on a post where I wrote JW Walsh should be the starting QB at OSU in 2014.

Here’s that comment:

Can’t help but feel this blog has been driving JW out of Stillwater. No control, but a following is powerful.


Again, my exact words in the post: “I’m in the minority here but I think I say stick with JW for now.”

I don’t know how to be any more clear about that.

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