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Marcus Smart columns from around the country

The good, the bad, the ugly (most of it is ugly).



Last night was bonkers, here are reactionary columns from across the country.

You know what Marcus Smart sounds like to me? He sounds like he could be a great role model to plenty of kids growing up in the same circumstances he did.. (Fox Sports)

Smart is “down and remorseful.” (ESPN)

Kelly Hines was actually there. Here’s her story. (Tulsa World)

This moment might define Smart, which kind of sucks. (ESPN)

He didn’t repeat it Saturday. That was a whole new chapter of regret. Now comes his chance to completely change what he is seen as. It will take time, but it can absolutely be done. He’s young enough, talented enough, intelligent enough and mature enough — hard as it might seem to believe, Smart’s known for his maturity away from the court in a big way — to overcome this. (Sports on Earth)

His college career will never be the same. (Sporting News)

And Orr obviously is a jock-sniffing creep who somehow thinks he’s part of the Texas Tech program but in reality needs to grow up. (Tulsa World)

Why it doesn’t matter what the fan said to Smart. (CBS Sports)

Asked if he’d talked to Smart about the incident, Ford said “a little bit.” I feel like that sums up the Ford/Smart relationship this season. (NewsOK)

Mark Titus makes it sound like racial taunting is not altogether uncommon in college basketball, writing that it probably happens to “hundreds of other players and they just walk away.” (Big Lead)

Agree with this (and wrote it last year):


This is true.

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