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Marcus Smart talks about turning pro



Yesterday Marcus Smart tweeted about where he’s at in the process of deciding whether or not to turn pro.

As one astute reader pointed out, technically both sides can’t be rumors because one has to eventually be true (unless he just quits basketball altogether[1. I find this to be highly unlikely and would give you very, very good odds if you want to wager against me.]).

Anyway, the reported date of April 16th as the NCAA’s deadline for a decision is kind of a non-sequitur because the NBA deadline (the only one that actually matters) is actually April 28th. So if you were expecting to know something by April 16th, you might be disappointed.

Also, I know nothing but I’m still 100% in the “he’s definitely leaving” camp — as one player on the team told me “if you were offered the job you always dreamed about and $4 million to leave Stillwater, you would.”

Yes, I would.

Although I will admit the longer this drags out the more he’s thinking about coming back. And you know he’s thought about how OSU would be the heavy Big 12 favorite and probably a top 10 (maybe top five) preseason team.

[tries not to get hopes up, goes on 39-mile run to calm down].

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