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Markel Brown – #22



Literally the first time I ever saw a picture, video, sketch, or outline of Markel was in this video entitled “Ok State Cribs” about the new basketball locker room. About 90 seconds in I started wondering, “would John Lucas, Joey Graham, Daniel Bobik, Mo Baker, or Vic Williams ever do this?” and, yet, I watched the entire video. Whatever, I’m willing to give him (and the others) the benefit of the doubt.

Markel had some pretty gaudy stats in high school (32, 10, and 5 his senior yr.) which looked nice next to all the awards he piled up, including Mr. Basketball in the state of Louisiana. That award was previously won by Marcus Fizer, Paul Millsap, Chris Duhon, and Glen Davis. Brown was also recruited by LSU, Michigan, and USC which makes me wonder if his Rivals profile accidentally listed him as a football player.

Markel’s high school coach, Charles Smith, said about him, “He’s the best, in my opinion, and I can’t slight Paul Thompson, who made it to the NBA,” said Smith. “I was an assistant coach when Paul played (at Peabody), and he was a tremendous player, a tremendous competitor, a great athlete, shot the ball well and could jump exceptionally well. But he couldn’t put the ball on the floor very well. Markel is a great competitor and can jump and score, but the big difference is his ball handling. Markel could easily play point-guard, whereas Paul could play the 3 position.” That’s Paul Thompson, Tulane basketball player not OU quarterback. In case you were wondering.

Coach Pierre went as far as comparing him to Tyrus Thomas and Stromile Swift. That might be a little much for now, I’m going to need him to YouTube a few people before we start throwing those names out there, but I’m excited nonetheless.

He’s not getting huge minutes right now (under 11) but I suspect that will change once the Big XII schedule gets ramped up, especially if Ford’s team keeps experiencing injuries, suspensions, and sexual assault charges.

Why you should like him: I remember watching James’ first few games in GIA and thinking “he’s got a little Desmond in him”, which, as it turned out was probably a slight to him. But, still, for a freshman to make you say “he reminds me of Desmond a little”, that means something. I say all that to say, Markel feels like he’s of that ilk. I’m not saying he’s definitely going down that road (see: Harris, Terrel), just that his story, his talent, his career thus far feels like it sets up nicely to mimic some of the greats here.

Why you shouldn’t like him: That locker room video, it’s terrible.

My favorite thing about him: Went 41-0 his senior year with a 3 and a dunk at the end of the state title game to seal it. Icy. Plus he had one of the most unique, sickest dunks I’ve ever seen.

If you’re really bored: Here’s an interview from his senior year

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