Markel Gets Tossed

Written by Kyle Porter

Markel got tossed on his second technical because of this dunk but it was worth it. All 40 inches of it.

  • Nick

    Watching this live, there, I thought to myself that’s the best dunk I’ve seen in this buidling. I’ve seen great lobs and tomahawks from Mason, Sanders, Allen, and Graham but I really think that’s the best.

    Do you know of any better? I don’t think I do

    • Stephanie

      So worth it.

    • Wait for 1:10:30 on this link:

      While not the most powerful dunk at GIA, the Crawford steal-and-dunk over Kareem Rush on the first game after the plane crash was maybe the best moment I’ve ever experienced in that wonderful arena.

      • pokefan928

        Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for posting this. Of all the games I’ve attended at GIA, this is by far the most memorable. When Crawford got the steal, dunk, and and-one, it was so loud in there I could not distinguish my own screams from everyone elses. It was that loud. I’m covered in goosebumps.

  • Jon


    • CowboyMike

      All of these Markel Brown dunks make me wonder about a Top Ten list of Alltime Cowboy Dunks. That would be fun to see and discuss (argue). 🙂


      • Kyle Porter

        Oh man, I don’t know if I have those kinds of resources…

  • CTC

    Watched that replay like 10 times and can’t believe he got tossed. He made a huge dunk and starred down the guy he just posterized, you can’t toss a kid for that. From what I could see he didn’t say a single thing to the other player. I’m sorry I’m for sportsmanship and everything but refs these days in both college and pros in both football and basketball are taking these unsportsman fouls and penalties to the extreme. Sports are a competition they are about beating the other opponent, why do we want to be nice about it. If he had said something or even made more of a physical gesture then ok maybe but what the ref called there is ridiculous.

    • Kyle Porter

      Completely agree, it was ridiculous.

  • Yes, ridiculous, but he owned it and was a leader. More of him at the point…

  • Agree with CTC I didn’t see a single word come from his mouth. If you could get a tech for staring and Cezar would get called as soon as he entered the building.

    What really sucks is Markel couldn’t share in the glory with his teammates on the court.

  • Rance

    Can we start a petition where if you make a dunk that makes it onto SportsCenter’s top ten; you’re allowed to scream all you like?

  • beatnik

    For any of us “Gen X” Cowboy BB Fans this was our moment. It wasn’t a dunk but it was amazing. Watch Sutton introduce it at the 12:00 minute mark. Loudest moment I remember, maybe with exception to the night Billy Tubbs got ejected.