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Marshall’s Notebook: Follow the Anguish of Another Bedlam Loss for the Pokes

If you want to relive this, here you go.



[Photo via Ty Russell/OU Athletics]

Anticlimactic is a good way to describe Bedlam 2020.

Oklahoma beat Oklahoma State 41-13 on Saturday in Norman with College GameDay in town to see the two ranked teams face off. It was doomed from jump street for the Pokes. Here is my notebook from the contest.

  • I have my wires crossed with how many guys are out for OU. With that said, it could probably be worse for the Sooners. It’s not a ton of starters..
  • Also, how about Iowa State beating Kansas State 45-0? 😳😬
  • OSU without kicker Alex Hale. This is wild.
  • Welp, that was fast and easy. OU gets the ball first and goes right now the field. This is going to be one of those Bedlams, isn’t it?
  • We’re three possessions into this game and the cornerman might want to think about throwing in the towel.
  • Spencer Sanders gets a pass tipped and intercepted at the line of scrimmage. This thing might be over.

This play was reviewed and upheld, but I am not so sure about it:

  • OSU has 2 yards to OU’s 21 points.
  • After a hard sack, Shane Illingworth relieves an injured Spencer Sanders. Super hero status up for grabs here.
  • Bookie Radley-Hiles holds Dillon Stoner. It doesn’t get called. The ball is overthrown, meaning Radley-Hiles didn’t really do anything. Then he decides to point at Stoner, talk crap and get a personal foul. Classic.
  • Shane Illingworth goes a quick 3-for-6 for 39 yards and a touchdown. This might be the official changing of the guards. (Spoiler alert: it wasn’t)
  • Now Teven Jenkins is out. 2020, man.
  • Brennan Presley threw a pass. It drew a a pass interference, so it won’t go down as a statistic. But, it’s crazy that he threw a college pass before catching one.
  • OSU is slowly creeping back into things. The Cowboys trail 27-13 at the half.
  • After a strong start, Illingworth has not been accurate. Two drives into the second half, he is 4-for-17 😬.
  • OSU’s offense is struuuuuuuggling.
  • Trace Ford is so good.
  • OSU just punted down 21 with 12 minutes to go on OU’s side of the 50. The white flag seems to be waving.
  • The Cowboys come back from an anticlimactic start, but then there’s an anticlimactic finish.

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