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Mike Gundy Appears on Les Miles’ Podcast to Talk Rattlesnakes, Bedlam and More



The world might soon be coming to an end, because I never once in my 25 years envisioned a day in which Les Miles would be interviewing Mike Gundy about rattlesnakes on a podcast hosted by the former OSU and LSU head coach.

But here we are in 2017: Gundy has a million-dollar mullet, and Miles has his own podcast where he hosted the OSU coach for an interview I could’ve listened to for hours upon hours.

“I had so much fun having you call plays,” Les began the conversation, recollecting his time he spent with Gundy on the same coaching staff. “I think the things I’ve been able to accomplish, I need to say thanks to [you]. Mike Gundy gave me a lot of effort and energy.”

Things quickly progressed from there to family talk to, what else? Rattlesnakes.

“The day we went, it wasn’t warm enough for a bunch of ’em to be active,” said Gundy. “But we saw a few. They had one that we actually picked up, so they taught us how to catch ’em and put ’em in a bucket and so on and so forth.

“That was a pretty cool deal. It wasn’t really as dangerous as what people think .. they don’t want to strike you. They have a heat sensor in their eyes, and they can tell you’re too big to eat. I’m gonna go back out.”

Miles and Gundy also recalled the first Bedlam the two coached together (16-13!), injuries to the current team, what he enjoys about the squad, and even a small tidbit praising Henson’s coaching techniques.

My favorite quotes from Gundy? “We don’t have any a$$holes.”

Never change.

The whole conversation starts at about the 20 minute mark.

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