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Mike Gundy is Open to Suggestions on How to Improve during Bye Week

Gundy wants team and fans to come closer together during struggles.



Mike Gundy said his door is open for his players.

In the Big 12 teleconference Monday, Gundy said he told the players to come to him if they had anything they thought could help the team perform better.

“They know that I have an open door,” Gundy said. “They can come to me. I don’t take things personal. I said, ‘Please, if anybody says we need to maybe think about this or that or whatever, come on in.’ I haven’t had anybody do that yet. Maybe I will in the next couple days.”

Gundy said his 4-3 Oklahoma State team doesn’t need a lot of changes because “it’s not like the engine is broke. We just need to tune it up a little bit to get another 1,000 miles down the highway.”

The bye week will be more focused on OSU getting better rather than worrying about anyone else, Gundy said. He said he asked assistant coaches for evaluations at the end of this week, and Sunday the team will begin implementing a gameplan for the Texas game Oct. 27.

“Big boy pants” were brought up on a few occasions during the teleconference. He said he doesn’t think his team has lacked the effort or attitude to be successful, but rather OSU just needs to get better.

“Our team is not as good as we were at this time last year, and that’s obvious,” Gundy said. “But, our players are giving us really good effort. As coaches, we have to take this week and reevaluate what we’ve done see if there’s a change that we can make that are reasonable that you can implement within a two-week period to help our players perform better and give them the best chance to be successful on Saturday.”

Gundy said it’s important that not only the team, but also the fans stay together with their “big boy pants” on. He likened it to a family and said the only way for the family to get through it is to come closer together and work harder to get it done.

“I’m enjoying everything going on,” Gundy said. “People can say, ‘Well, how can you enjoy what you’re doing when you’re 4-3?’ Well, I am. I enjoy the challenge. I wanna see us play better in two weeks. I want to see how much better we can get in two weeks. That’s just the way I see it.”





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