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Mike Gundy Sounds Off On ‘Snowflake’ Society and Problems With Liberalism




Mike Gundy talked to the media on Monday for the first time following OSU’s 48-47 loss to OU on Saturday in Norman. Somehow the conversation turned to … snowflakes and liberalism?

Gundy was originally talking about sophomore Thabo Mwaniki — who recently decided to transfer — and went on a tangent about, well, a lot of different things. There’s a lot here, but I wanted to get the full quote up for your rational and measured consumption.

“I think we live in a world where people are noncommittal,” said Gundy, who went on to note that he wasn’t really talking about Thabo (or Jalen McCleskey, who transferred earlier this year.

“We allow liberalism to say, ‘Hey I can just do what I want, and I don’t have to really be tough and fight through it.’ You see that with young people because it’s an option they’re given. We weren’t given that option when we were growing up. We were told what to do. We did it the right way, or you go figure it out on your own.

“In the world today, there’s a lot of entitlement. I’m a firm believer in the snowflake.”

Put it straight into my veins.

“I think it’s sitting there. I’m not talking about Thabo. Thabo and I have had multiple good talks. I’m talking about every millennial young person, Generation Z is what I think they call them. That’s the world we live in. If they say it’s a little bit hard, they say, ‘Well let’s go try something else.’ Versus, ‘Hey let’s bear down and let’s fight through this.’ So you see a lot of that nowadays.

“That doesn’t have anything to do with Thabo or McCleskey or anybody that’s been on the portal here. That’s just in general in society even if you’re working down here at Wal-Mart. If your boss gets after you and tells you you’re not doing a good job, you may go home and cry and tell your mom, and your mom may say it’s OK. That’s just kind of the facts of life. The world we live in today. Don’t get me on politics.”

I don’t even have a take. Really, I don’t. I just thought it was something interesting he said on Monday. There’s probably some truth in there somewhere. Probably some irony, too. Probably a lot of things.

I’m not positive this is the greatest recruiting tool of all time (although I’m not sure anybody Gundy is recruiting cares what he says on a Monday afternoon before West Virginia). The only other thing I’ll say about it is that I’m glad he coached on Saturday like he’s talked the last few years — free-wheeling and not caring what other people think.

(I’m also thankful for the #content and hopeful he continues to hold these pressers even after he retires!)

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