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Mike Gundy to USC?

Yeah … OK. [thumbs up emoji]



Since USC can’t get Vince Lombardi (dead), Knute Rockne (same) or Bill Belichick (too warm in SoCal), some have suggested they might tap the head ball coach in Stillwater to see if he’s interested. Here’s how that’s going to go.

USC: Do you want to leave the place where you only have to win eight or nine games a year and if you win more than that they consider electing you to office because all the pressure is on the coach to the south of you even though you’ve been better at turning mediocre talent into really good teams and bail on the  multi-million dollar ranch house you just built to come take over for someone who we had to fire for alcohol issues and who might have been drunk during a conference game for a school that is the most glamorous football team (possibly college or pro)  in the state and live in one of the most-populous cities in the world where the pressure is insanely high and if you don’t win 10 games they’ll FedEx you copies of the Matt Leinart/Reggie Bush 30 for 30 and make all kinds of inappropriate O.J. Simpson jokes about your family; we can offer you twice your current salary which after taxes will be half your current salary and give your family five tickets to every Taylor Swift concert in the Staples Center. What do you say?

Mike Gundy: Nah.

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