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Mike Gundy used to draw Boise State plays with crayons

Don’t forget the Big Chief notepad.



NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Oklahoma

This is just a remarkable quote, even by Mike Gundy’s lofty remarkable quote standards.

On Sunday on a Cactus Bowl conference call Gundy talked about his respect for Washington’s coach (and former Boise State coach) Chris Petersen.

“I’ve been able to follow Coach Petersen and he’s been on the West Coast and so many of his games were late at night and they played a lot of Thursday (Friday) games and I would always run the TV back and write down plays,” Gundy said.

Okay. Pretty normal so far, right? Who wouldn’t watch Boise and write down their plays?

Then he goes full Gundy.

“I always keep a Big Chief notepad and crayons by my chair late at night and would write down certain plays. We’re really excited and we all look for good matchups and it’s good when you play a first-class program and the players can enjoy the competition of the game.”

Oh my.

A Big Chief notepad and crayons?! Who admits to writing down post-midnight Boise plays with crayons?

Even plays like these…

The best part of all of this is that I didn’t really raise an eyebrow at the action taking place — it’s sort of easy to picture, no? — only that he would admit it.

Never change, Mike. Never ever change.

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