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Bullets: Mike Gundy calls himself ‘a fortune teller’

He also talks about Jupiter and says what we’re all thinking: This team isn’t very good right now.




Gundy: “It feels like I have a crystal ball or something, I’m a fortune teller. I said a month ago it’s going to be a battle every game we’re in.” (NewsOK)

This catch in the LSU game was LOL. (CBS Sports)

Gundy saying what everybody else sees: We do fine on defense, but they’re out there so much. They get exposed because we’re not very effective on offense.” (NewsOK)

I thought this was probably the funniest thing I saw on Saturday. (Yahoo)

Ryan Simmons: The main thing that we need to worry about is giving our offense the ball back, give them the opportunity to score again. We want to give them the field advantage, so they don’t have to make the long drive each time.” They might need it at the 10. (NewsOK)

I’m with Whetsell — not sure where the rest of our wins are coming from.. (CRFF)

In perhaps one of the most exciting days in the league’s history, all five games were decided by a touchdown or less. Two games were decided by game-winning field goals and another game-winning TD came on a 99-yard kickoff return.

Also, Baylor’s kicker calls himself “a damn good kicker” after starting the season 1/6. (Big 12 Sports)

Cool Wekk 7 infographic from Michael Lane. (PFB)

Gundy on Garman: “Well, I don’t think he played very good. I don’t know if it was here, or if it could have been on Jupiter, what that factor was.” (O’Colly)

An unintentionally funny quote from Mike Yurcich here: You know, I hate to just single out one thing and say, ‘This is it.'” (NewsOK)

Roland on Tyreek: “He has an unlimited amount of energy.” (O’Colly)

The Winston stuff is tiring and I don’t even have to follow him or any team in his conference. I can’t imagine covering, say, Virginia football (for many reasons, really). (CBS Sports)

“Lightning has struck Lawrence. You have to see it to believe it.” I love him. (NewsOK)

The best photos from the OSU-Kansas game. (Flickr)

The Tyreek GIFs. They are incredible. (PFB)

Deion’s 29k-square-foot house is for sale. The one that Dez got busted for lying about visiting. (NewsOK)

50 percent of Kansas’ offense on Saturday was new? Where has it been? (Tulsa World)

Ogbah had 5.5 tackles for loss and two sacks?? (ESPN)

Odds Switzer had had a couple of glasses before giving this interview? Probably pretty high, right? (CBS Sports)

What Dana looked like when he first saw Weeden throw in Stillwater. (PFB)

Glenn Spencer to Josh Furman after his game-ending pick: I told him, ‘If I just had one more year with you, you’d be a good player.'” (NewsOK)

Good Big 12 recap by Ubben. That TCU-Baylor game was bonkers. (Fox SW)

Oklahoma State will probably stay put in the standings. Or probably should. (CBS Sports)

The Arkansas uniforms against Bama on Saturday were amazing. I loved them. (Yahoo)

He fast.

The fortune teller!

I…just…I’m not sure…

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