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NFL Combine Schedule



Photo Attribution:Emily Nielsen

It’s a little confusing, mostly because it happens in waves and the pairings are odd but here’s what you need to know about OSU players at the NFL combine.

The players are broken down and grouped by position and then worked out accordingly. Here’s how the groups of Cowboys .


Quarterbacks & Receivers
Justin Blackmon
Josh Cooper
Brandon Weeden

Defensive Linemen
Jamie Blatnick

Defensive Backs
Johnny Thomas
Markelle Martin


Arrival and Orientation
Blackmon, Cooper, and Weeden – Thursday (Feb 23)
Blatnick – Friday (Feb 24)
Thomas and Martin – Saturday (Feb 25)

Interviews, Measurements, and Media
Blackmon, Cooper, and Weeden – Friday (Feb 24)
Blatnick – Saturday (Feb 25)
Thomas and Martin – Sunday (Feb 26)

Wonderlic Testing and Interviews
Blackmon, Cooper, and Weeden – Saturday (Feb 25)
Blatnick – Sunday (Feb 26)
Thomas and Martin – Monday (Feb 27)

On-Field Workout (televised)
Blackmon, Cooper, and Weeden – Sunday (Feb 26)
Blatnick – Monday (Feb 27)
Thomas and Martin – Tuesday (Feb 28)

The only part of the combine that’s officially televised is the on-field workouts (though we’ll have updates on other stuff, like Blackmon’s Wonderlic test!!!, throughout the week). You can watch all the workouts online here.

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