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Notes and quotes on OSU and Missouri State

Clips from the game, Mrs. Pistols’ near-walkoff, and a third world country’s Barry Sanders.




I typed up 10 thoughts on the OSU-Missouri State game earlier and here are all the leftovers I had in my notebook on my WordPress page during the festivities.

• What’s the over/under on different ways Ofa Hautau will be pronounced this year? 26.5? I’ll set it there and take the over.

• Glenn Spencer was his usual cheery self afterwards:

“We won the game. Just as much as everyone was telling us how good we were when we lost, now we won a game and outside everyone is going to say we aren’t any good. It’s all garbage and it’s all poison, so I just want us to take this game and take advantage of every opportunity where we saw breakdowns.”

• Here were the odds Gundy was going to play Mason Rudolph in this game (or any game in which his other two QBs are able to play): 1,000,000,000,000,000-1

• Another thing about Garman: His misses don’t make me question whether or not he should a. Be playing the quarterback position or b. Be playing football at all the way JW’s do.

• I don’t know how to write this without it sounding like a joke but it feels like there are 28 Robert Allens on the sidelines. He’s in every shot.

• Gundy on scoring opportunities:

“We talked about our youth quite a bit this preseason and I think it showed up today. We were kicking way too many field goals, and we have to improve in areas like that.”

OSU had 12 drives: 4 FG | 4 TD | 2 missed FG | 1 TO on downs | 1 punt

• The announcers saying “Garman’s got an arm!” after watching JW is like saying “Kyle is good at reading!” after watching my eight-month-old hold a book.

• I have the sadz.

• Is it unreasonable to think Tyreek is one of the 10 fastest players in college football history?

• Raymond Taylor looked like a third world country’s Barry Sanders.

• I sort of joked before the game that OSU could conceivably play 11 freshmen on defense at the same time. Gundy said they almost did:

“One time, I counted eight freshmen, two sophomores and a junior on the field on defense. They were out there for quite a while, so that’s good for our guys to get some reps in.”

• This was amazing. Making “JW’s arm is bad” jokes is played out and difficult to do but this guy crushed.

• Gundy on Daxx was perplexing. He talked as if Rudolph was an option or he was going to do something other than play Daxx:

“Either way, at that point we were going to play Daxx so we just decided to go ahead and leave him in and move forward.”

• Was Tyreek tweeting during the game??

• You know the horizontal screens and bubbles and all the other garbage that goes east/west that we all hate? Yeah, it actually works with Tyreek.

• Mrs. Pistols picked a 38-24 final and I laughed at her and we have proof of it right here and she came within three points (!!) of it being the exact score.

• Not targeting??

• Yes, I don’t care who it is, this matters. And Daxx was good at it.

• Here’s something weird: Daxx can do what JW can’t, which is throw strikes against Missouri State. But JW can do something I don’t think Daxx can do, which is ball with FSU for 60 minutes. I don’t know what to do with that (Gundy doesn’t either). It really is pretty confusing when you think about it.

Also, I thought this was smart:

• Yurcich talking like a man who doesn’t know that his other QB is JW Walsh:

“That was a heck of a catch by Sheperd. It was a heck of a pass (by Daxx Garman) on a run to his right. He threw it a little bit behind him.”

Also, his WR disagreed:

“Daxx (Garman) put the ball on the money. All I had to do was go up, get it and score. It was a perfect ball. I couldn’t ask for a better ball.”

• Haha!

• That Daxx2Sheperd throw might end up being the Weeden2Blackmon against Colorado of 2014. I’m not saying Daxx is Weeden (or even Chelf) but we might look back on that throw more memorably than we would have in two years.

• Wow!

• Scheduling oddity: The hardest game and easiest game are already behind us.[1. Pending Kansas status. And maybe Texas?]

• It was really fun to see the younger skill guys like Ra’Shaad Samples and James Washington make plays in a real game. For some reason dudes like that playing late against FCS teams make me think we have a more unreasonably good program than we probably actually do.

• Something I don’t understand: OSU’s offensive line looked better against FSU than it did against Missouri State.

• What was he trying to do here?

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