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Notes On Mike Gundy’s Central Michigan Press Conference



Coach took some time on this Labor Day to review SELA. He talked Central Michigan, QB1, the depth chart, freshmen, big plays and throws out a new nickname!

Opening Thoughts

• “The post-game on Southeast Louisiana was kind of always what we thought. We were really excited about as many players as we were able to get into the game. Now we’re moving forward to the next team. I think this will be a good test for us in a lot of ways.”

• “We’ve got some areas we certainly need to improve in. We feel like we’re making some strides. We still need to practice, but we’re looking forward to a good week and getting ready for Central Michigan.”

How do you defend (CMU quarterback) Cooper Rush?

• “You got to be really sound in your base defense. They’ve been pretty good rushing the ball. He’s a good play-action passer – he’s got a quick release. In defending a quarterback of this caliber you’ve got to be really good in your base defense.”

• “They had some games last year where they were really, really good. I think that as the season went on, the may have felt like they should have played better at times. But, when you have a quarterback of that caliber, you certainly have the opportunity to score some points.”

Reporter: You may be the president of the fan club for Cooper Rush.

• “I’ve always been a big fan of the quarterback. I think he’s a potential NFL player. I just like his ability to make plays. I like his size. I like his awareness to avoid the rush. I would think he would certainly get a chance to play at the next level.”

Reaction to Josh Mabin’s retirement and what does it mean at LB?

• “Any time a player can’t continue with what they love to do, and play this game, it’s hard. But, if it were my son in that situation, I wouldn’t want him to play either.”

• “He’s an intelligent young man. He’s going to get an education and he’s going to go out in the real world and be successful.”

• “We’re a little thin there now. Some guys are going to have to double up on duty. It’s not quite the way we want it, but that’s part of being in a football season. You have to deal with the hand you’re dealt.

Cowboy Backs – how valuable are they?

• “We have a lot of different ways to get the ball to those guys and dropback passing is a big part of our offense.” What?!

• The tight ends, or the Cowboy backs for us, are kind of a lost art over the past 6 or 8 years, the spread’s gotten so poplar. I think they’re making their way back – certainly for us.”

Big plays – starting with Averette2Richards…

• “It was like Broderick’s play here against OU. I’m not sure if he knew who he was throwing it to, but it sure looked good. He should say he knew Ramon was behind him now. It’s kinda like a fish story, right?”

• On Mason’s scramble and Averette2Richards making ESPN’s Top Ten: “I knew that Devante had hit number 3, but I didn’t know Mason made it. They didn’t tell me that. But, it was good.”

• How important were the turnovers and blocked kick? “Defenses are going to give up yards. Defenses are going to give up points. So, you minimize it and try and force turnovers to give yourself more opportunity for your offense to be on the field.”

On QB1

• “He made a couple good plays. He’s lean – I’m sure you guys can tell by looking at him. He’s lost 10-12 lb. I don’t know, all that time he spends at the lake, I guess. He’s lost some weight and he’s moving around better. I think he’s in a much more agile position now with his body right now that he has been over the last couple years.”

• How much do you want him to scramble around back there? “He was in the game plan. Both times he removed himself from the pocket was because he had to. He does a really good job of staying in the pocket and understanding our scheme. But, I was excited to see him make the plays he made.” All in on No. 2.

Were you happy with the defensive front rotation?

• Interesting answer here. I’d like to hear more about this…“Yes. The catapult system we use to measure player load and number of steps they take in a game was really low which is good. We all know we’re going to get to a point in the season where those numbers are going to go really high based on what we face in this conference.”

• “It was excellent to get so many players on tape so they can see themselves. These guys are very visual learners. Guys that played 30 plays on Saturday may be starting the 5th, 6th game of the season. That’s why it’s such an advantage to have that depth.”

How about the freshmen?

• “I think Justice was good in what we asked him to do. Bundage made some plays. Stoner showed up and made a few plays. 25 made some plays.”

• Then there was this: “Max got in, did some kickin’. Philly had a tough day on kickoffs. He thought we had a dome over the field it was 20 foot high, so he was trying to not hit the top of the stadium, so he had a tough day.” I guess “Philly” is Matt Ammendola (who is from PA)?

• “I think the trend is going to be for us, more freshmen are going to play. what the tempo and the style of offense is we’re seeing, that we just need more people on the field because we can also use them as backups on special teams.”

• How much more equipped our freshmen to come in and play today? “I think much more so than ever. Like Stoner, the program he comes out of has won 19 state championships in a row or how many ever they won. He played corner, he’s punted, he’s kicked off, he held one time when he wasn’t kicking, and he played wide-out. So when he comes in, he’s ready made.”

• “The players we get from Texas – the time they allow their schools and their coaches to commit to their athletes is a lot like what college is in this state. So they are more ready to play.”

• “And, lastly, the training these juniors and seniors in high school are getting, is a lot like what we got when we were in college. They have personal trainers, they’re getting information on nutrition, strength, conditioning… they’re coming and showing up at campus like we used to coming off summer. We’re at the pool chasin’ chicks all summer and we showed up in August to try and get in shape. These guys show up in June and they’re ready to play.”

Closed out with cool thoughts on Lane Taylor starting at Green Bay…


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