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Notes on Mike Gundy’s Pre-South Alabama Press Conference



Mike Gundy addressed the media on Monday ahead of Oklahoma State’s tilt with South Alabama, where they’re a 31.5-point favorite. I took notes on what Gundy said — he opened with a muted “back at it” — and provided a little of my own commentary. Hope you guys enjoy.

• Called S. Alabama “athletic” and said their defense “runs around a little bit.” I don’t think I’m buying it, though.

• Said new coach Steve Campbell has “done very well” and that “this is a good opportunity for him.”

• “Outsider looking in.” G5

• Said he’s not sure anyone on the offensive line “played great.” Important to cover guys up with the skill they have at running back. Felt like October 1 is the time to look at and evaluate OL.

• “We feel like we have more than two guards that can play.” Boynton: Same.

• Wants to have a seven-man rotation on OL to keep guys fresh. Really values keeping his offensive linemen fresh.

• Taylor Cornelius gets 60 percent of the reps in practice. Brown and Sanders get 10-15 percent. Wudtee gets 10 percent. “I know that math may not be 100, but it’s close.”

• On Chuba’s recruitment: “Marcus Arroyo had some connections up there.” Gundy said he was worried about UCLAs, Oregons and Washingtons but Chuba stuck with OSU. His family thought this was “by far the best choice for him.”

• Said OSU could have played Chuba last year but wanted him to grow. “It’s worked out really well for us.” It has.

• RA: “You’re one of the top five schools with Canadians.” Gundy: “I was unaware of that until you just told me that.”

• On what they learned from having Tyreek to apply to Chuba: “I think it’s easy. Fast guys in space is a really good thing for an offense or a team. Mike and them understand the importance of getting the ball in the hands of guys who can make big plays.”

• Thought OSU was in the right spots for the most part defensively. “I think the players bought in and we tackled pretty well.” DL was a little like OL: “We were really good a lot, but when we were bad we were bad for two big plays.”

• Gundy on defense: “I don’t know all the Xs and Os, but I can tell if it’s good or bad.” Said him Knowles were on the same page. Didn’t watch tape and doesn’t do that very much. “That would take away time from me being in there and chewing on Yurcich, and I really enjoy doing that.”

• Noted that DCs need to get information on the field in five seconds or less.

• “Most of our offense is not really by design.” Meaning that OSU just takes what the defense gives them.

• Said Cornelius didn’t play as poorly as Gundy thought. Thought he missed seven throws, really missed four. “I have a tendency to always blame the quarterback.”

• “We’re going to let (Cornelius) go.” Thinks he gives them the best chance to be successful. “Mentally, he was good.” Said he’s in the right spot just need to get him to get to place where he can cut it loose and go play.

• TC’s demeanor is “first class.” Said he got a little excited about the situation.

• Best case scenario for Justice is to limit him to 15 touches. Rinse, repeat. Want to protect him physically and cardiovascularly (?)

• J.D. King looked “shiftier” than he did last year. Thirty has a chance to be a difference-maker. “When he plays within himself, when he doesn’t get out of his box, he’s pretty good.”

• Brown and Sanders are both doing “fantastic.” Prefers to not put them in until they think they can handle it. Also … redshirt rules.

• Says OSU has more players than ever are on NFL rosters. Guys who even have a chance to practice in the NFL are “really good college players.”

• Said Larry Williams “can make some money playing this game.”

• On Dallas cutting Dan Bailey: “That shocked me, but I don’t know the business.”

• OSU is further along at CB than last year at this time. Said Tanner McCalister should be back soon, and OSU “really likes him.” Without four corners that can play, “it’s difficult to slow down the other team.”

• Sounds like OSU played 81 (!) guys on Thursday. Said it was planned and was “pretty cool” to get walk-ons out there on special teams.

• They save Justice’s body in practice and get the other guys mental reps instead.

• “Our plan is to get 30 or 7 in there at the end of the third quarter … and they’re fresh and the defense is tired. Let ’em run.”

• “There’s not a better place a walk-on can go anywhere in the country than here.”

• “We treat Malik Givens the same as we treat Justice Hill.”

• Staff believes you should treat people with respect, take good care of them and make sure they know they’re important to the program.

• Challenges himself to remember the names of all 135 players in the program.

• Thought the video board wasn’t on because it was broken or because Mike Holder wanted to save money.

• Gundy called Boone Pickens to tell him he wished he could have been there on Thursday. “It was enough of a wow to me to say, ‘hey I need to call to make sure he knows since he couldn’t be here that it’s a pretty special deal.'”

• Thinks it’s awesome that Pickens said he’s in it to win a national title. Also doesn’t purchase green bananas.

• Said he watched more football than normal on opening weekend. Glad to not hear of any beer incidents in BPS.

• Doesn’t think Sinor will punt this week. Sounds close, though.

• “All right guys, glad y’all are working on Labor Day.” ✌️


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