Oklahoma State Brings in Talented Walk-On Class for 2018

Mbari Snoddy, balling. [Credit: YouTube]
Written by Kyle Boone

Oklahoma State’s 2018 recruiting class is in the books and the same holds true for its walk-on class, which is chock-full of local kids in the Oklahoma and Texas area looking to get their shot at the Division I level.

Let’s take a look at which players are planning to walk on at OSU with my four favorite incoming walk-on adds, and a list of the best of the rest.

Jacob Morris | 5-10, 180-pound WR | Newcastle, Okla.

Morris was as productive a receiver as you’ll find in a bunch of walk-ons. A first-team Oklahoman All-State selection, Morris had a monstrous 111-reception, 2003-yard, 23-TD senior season catching passes from Texas signee Casey Thompson. He was second in the nation in receptions and third in the nation in receiving yards last season.

Gabe Simpson | 6-4, 200-pound QB | Jay, Okla.

As a senior last season, Simpson accounted for 3,000 yards and 33 touchdowns in the regular season. He also had more than 60 tackles and eight interceptions on defense, giving OSU a versatile, 6-4 athlete who theoretically could make a switch from QB to safety at the next level a la Malcolm Rodriguez.

C. Mbari Snoddy | 5-11, 190-pound RB | Edmond (Santa Fe), Okla.

According to MaxPreps, Edmond Santa Fe star C. Mbari Snoody compiled 1,218 yards rushing on 110 yards per game last season. A productive high school talent for a title contending Santa Fe team, Snoddy’s intriguing to me in part because of his uber-efficient 6.5 yards per carry average. He almost certainly won’t see the field in 2018 barring an injury bug in the RB room, but is an interesting developmental player.

Braden Spicer |LB, 6-1, 220-pound LB | Tulsa (Union), Okla.

If you watch film of Braden Spicer with Tulsa Union last season, he’d be maybe the eighth or ninth player to pop on film. Slightly undersized and fairly restricted from a mobility standpoint as a linebacker, he overcomes it all by playing with fire and energy that I think could translate to a special teams contributor.

Best of the rest

David Thibodeaux-Benoit | 5-10, 185-pound athlete | Chickasha, Okla.

Jason Bartel | 6-7, 305-pound OT | Sallisaw, Okla

Carson Kropp, LB, 6-2, 230, Owasso, Okla.

Cutter Cleveland | 6-3, 210-pound DE | Rockwall (Heath), Texas

Seth Meacham |  6-2, 310-pound DT | Oklahoma City (Heritage Hall), Okla.

Brenden Ryan | 6-6, 210-pound WR | Jay, Okla.


  • Joseph C

    Wow, thats some impressive size from Jason Bartel.

    • Winning Comment

      The largest stadiometer in Sallisaw was 6’7″, so they just capped him there. Fortunately OSU bought the luxury model.

      • Nakisha

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    • Chris Putnam

      Might be a better fit on Boytons team.

  • Cowboy Vet Patriot

    Jason’s height is the kind of reporting MSNBC,NBC and CNN specialize in and pay bonuses for.

  • Chris Stover

    7’7 dang! LOL I know it’s a typo and you meant 6’7 but 7’7 would be hilarious.

  • Darth

    Is there a way to list what scholarship offers they turned down to join as a PWO? I looked on 247 but can only find some (Spicer had an offer from USAF for example) but not all of them. Just curious as to what level of athlete each might be perceived as by an outside source.

    • pkcowboys

      Most all had D1 offers, and I think all had multiple DII and or JUCO offers from what i read on other sites.

      • Darth

        Right, I assume that too. I’m curious on the who and the where. All things being equal I totally understand being a PWO to doing a military academy, I’m just wanting to know how these guys rank out and knowing who offered them is a good way to judge that.

  • Phil

    I think Gundy has created a culture for walk-ons by showing that a) he isn’t afraid to give them scholarships if they perform and b) by consistently demonstrating that he will put the best players he has on the field and not play someone just because they are a big name/recruit. It gives players the idea that if they can prove themselves, they will get a genuinely honest assessment.

    • Sonny

      The walk ons aren’t segregated at OSU like they are at most other programs. Most of the players themselves can’t tell you who’s on scholarship and who’s not. The treatment of all players is identical. If I’m going to pay $100k to send my kid to school for 4 years for an opportunity to play, I’m not sending him to to a program where he’s segregated from the other players only to be used as a tackling dummy that wont see a single real practice rep until his 3rd year. My son isn’t going to walk into his 3rd year coaches office and be asked his name. Thats why the walk ons (and their parents) love OSU.

      • Sean Flanagan

        As far as the training table goes, are they able to use their paid meal plans to partake in that, where the scholarship players would get it for free?

        • Sonny

          I wondered myself how payment works out concerning room & board and meals. Do they pay more than a non-athlete? All I know that they live, play, eat, and study with the scholarship players.

          • Sean Flanagan

            The rules have probably changed since then, but I remember that they put Weeden on scholarship just so he could partake in the training table and some of the other perks even though he was married, had his own place, and could afford to pay for everything himself because of his baseball money.

          • Sonny

            I always assumed the Yankees were supposed to pay for school after baseball per his contract, but I could be wrong.

          • pkcowboys

            Taken from an article on the subject- The NCAA’s Legislative Council has deemed there shall be no bans
            on any food amounts for its Division I member schools and their
            student-athletes. This means players can be provided as much as the school budgets.

          • Steve Mehl

            His wife made a good income from her profession.

  • Bbjd

    Jacob Morris is someone I think sees the field either in Stillwater or elsewhere before his career is over his talent jumps out on film.

  • Stephen

    I really hope the RB from Sand Springs ends up on the team

    • pkcowboys

      He is signed with UCO from what I read.

    • Guest

      I am hoping for Rylan mcquarters to walk on for the return game to get some life

      • pkcowboys

        He is signed with NEO