Oklahoma State Cabinet

Written by Kyle Porter

Screen Shot 2012 11 05 at 8.45.50 PMWhat current or former OSU players and coaches would be most fit to run the country? The answers are obvious.

President – Mike Gundy

Vice President – John Smith

Secretary of State – Robin Ventura

Secretary of the TreasuryNot Mike Holder. Really though, Desmond.

Secretary of Defense – Anybody but Joe DeForest basically. But really…Melvin Sanders

Secretary of Justice – Lucien Antoine (because when your nickname is “The Punisher”…)

Secretary of the Interior – Dana (oh, I thought it said “interior receiver”)

Secretary of Agriculture – Big Country (duh)

Secretary of Commerce – Hart Lee Dykes (suggested by @u2runfar and it slayed me, great work)

Secretary of Labor – IMac

Secretary of Health and Human Services – Nobody on our current training staff.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development – John Potter (some of you old timers will get that)

Secretary of Transportation – Tony Allen (just for the unintentional comedy)

Secretary of Energy – Boone

Secretary of Education – Billy Bajema

Secretary of Veterans Affairs – Weeden (duh)

Secretary of Homeland Security – Prentiss Elliott

White House Chief of Staff – Gottlieb

United States Ambassador to the United Nations – Yves Batoba (of course!)

  • Allen Poke

    Cornell Hatcher would definitely be Secretary of Defense.

  • Randall

    Gottlieb can also serve as the Sec. of Housing for all the bricks he put up…………..
    I’m an old timer, watched John Potter play but the reference went right over my head………

    • G-Block


  • klucas45

    Secretary of Transportation should be Calvin Barnett.

  • SWMO Cowboy

    Homeland Security! Great answer. Very funny

  • Mike

    Tony Allen – Communication Secretary

  • I feel like Don Haskins deserves a position here, but I’m not sure where he fits

  • No Cooper Bassett? After Gundy endorsed him for President?