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Oklahoma State Could Have November Advantage Because of Close Games



It sounds like I’m trying to justify Oklahoma State’s existence as an undefeated team … and maybe I am. But Oklahoma State is 30-6 at home since 2010 and now has three of four in Boone’s house with the College Football Playoff on the line.

So those games against Kansas State and West Virginia and Texas that could have been losses (easily) — maybe instead they’ll serve as a reminder that Oklahoma State knows how to get it done late in conference play.

“We’re very good in the second half of games,” Emmanuel Ogbah told the Oklahoman recently.  “We’ve had so many games like this, there was never any panic on the sideline,” added Austin Hays about the win over Texas Tech on Saturday.

The General agreed.

“After each one of these games, I just don’t think it’s possible, but we just keep doing it,” J.W. Walsh said. “It’s just unbelievable for our team to fight the way we fight. We just come together and play the way we play.”

Raymond Taylor also agrees.

“I love the fact that I’m with a team that won’t give up,” Taylor said. “(We) just keep going through, keep being confident and playing to win the game.”

I think OSU is starting to believe that it is one of the 10 best teams in the country. That matters. But so does the iciness that comes with needing to beat three ranked teams late in a tense conference season.

Baylor has had zero close games. OU has had zero close conference games. TCU has had a couple of close ones, but only one in which they needed a last-minute score for the win. OSU has had a host of them.

Maybe that matters in November, maybe it doesn’t.

But when the chips are down in college football’s greatest month, this team knows it can win close games no matter the opponent. The first two months have proven there’s no situation in which this squad will panic and change what it does. There’s no wayward play that can’t be solved by Glenn Spencer and Co. at halftime.

This team sure sounds like it’s starting to kick destiny’s tires and maybe take her for a test drive or two.

Man, it’s going to be some month, isn’t it?


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