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Oklahoma State Has 50-1 Odds to Win National Title in 2016



If we aren’t talking basketball, we might as well start talking football for 2016. Bovada recently released its 2017 CFP National Championship odds and Oklahoma State is involved (sort of). Here’s a look at the odds.

Alabama: 7-1
Clemson: 15-2
Baylor: 12-1
Michigan: 12-1
Ohio State: 12-1
LSU: 14-1
Oklahoma: 14-1
Stanford: 14-1
Notre Dame: 14-1
Florida State: 16-1
Ole Miss: 22-1
Oregon: 22-1
Tennessee: 22-1
Florida: 33-1
Georgia: 33-1
Houston: 33-1
Iowa: 33-1
Michigan State: 33-1
TCU: 33-1
USC: 33-1
UCLA: 40-1
Wisconsin: 50-1
Arkansas: 50-1
Auburn: 50-1
Louisville: 50-1
Nebraska: 50-1
North Carolina: 50-1
Oklahoma State: 50-1
Texas A&M: 50-1

Bias aside, that’s actually a pretty good number for a team that went 10-3 this season. Nebraska?! Get out of here with that. I watched Iowa roll them at the end of last year. A&M? Jake Hubenak is going to lead A&M to a title? Anything can happen, I guess, but those two see a little more far-fetched than OSU getting a couple of breaks with its schedule and running the table (although that also seems pretty far-fetched).

The real value here is probably with Ohio State at 12-1 or  Stanford at 14-1. Those are teams that could legitimately get into the CFB Playoff with a loss (which is half the battle). It will be interesting to see where these numbers sit in, say, July or August compared to where they are right now. I bet OSU is 40-1 when the season is upon us.

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