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Oklahoma State Moves to Top 10 in 2022 Recruiting Rankings

Gundy’s 2022 class is off to a hot start.



A knock on the Mike Gundy era of Oklahoma State football has been recruiting, but Gundy and his assistants seem to be on an upswing in that department.

Oklahoma State landed hard-hitting linebacker Jordan Crook on Tuesday to add to a stacked recruiting class by OSU’s standards, as Crook’s commitment pushed OSU into the Top 10 in the 2022 team rankings.

Ranking School
1 Ohio State
3 Georgia
4 Texas
5 Penn State
6 Oklahoma
7 Texas A&M
8 Notre Dame
9 Michigan
10 Oklahoma State

At No. 10, OSU is ahead of schools like Alabama (22), Clemson (21), Florida (34) and USC (12). Most likely, all of those schools will finish signing day higher than the Cowboys, but it’s better that OSU is ahead now than playing from behind.

There are 21 uncommitted five-star recruits out there, so at some point the balance will shift back to the Alabamas and Clemsons of the world, but it feels like the Cowboys have some real momentum in recruiting.

Six players in the top 616 in the 2022 class have announced commitments to OSU since Feb. 10. Add to that the fact that the Cowboys were able to pluck Kendal Daniels, the No. 1 Oklahoman in the 2021 class, and things are looking up.

Barring any big changes, it looks as if OSU’s 2021 class will all get to campus as the No. 3 recruiting class in the Big 12. That’s the first time Gundy has ever had a class ranked that high in the conference.

And, as you can see from the chart above, OSU is in a good spot to again have the No. 3 class in the Big 12 in the 2022 cycle.

Here is a look at how Gundy’s classes have stacked up nationally and in the Big 12 (important to remember the 2022 class is far from final):

Year National Rank Big 12 Rank
2005 47 9
2006 18 4
2007 25 4
2008 32 5
2009 34 5
2010 29 5
2011 25 4
2012 31 6
2013 31 5
2014 27 4
2015 40 7
2016 45 7
2017 38 4
2018 34 5
2019 38 5
2020 40 5
2021 30 3
2022 10 3

Since 2010, Gundy’s best classes were 2011 and 2014.

In 2011, OSU added JW Walsh, Josh Stewart, Desmond Roland, James Castleman and David Glidden. That class played a big role in OSU’s 10-3 2013 season that ended with a birth in the Cotton Bowl.

In 2014, OSU added Mason Rudolph and James Washington, the deadliest passing duo in OSU history apart from Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon. Rudolph and Washington led OSU to three straight 10-win seasons from 2015 to 2017.

Now OSU has the potential to stack two recruiting classes like those two (or better) in back to back seasons.

Gundy has taken a lot of heat (including from this website) on his recruiting practices, but you have to give him credit for what he and his staff have done here lately.

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