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Oklahoma State named third most hipster college

This can’t be real, can it?




According to this website Oklahoma State is the third most hipster college behind Portland State and NYU and in front of Texas.

The site cites the following as reasons for OSU’s hipster-ness:

Liz says it’s a real struggle to grab a coffee between classes because “students have packed out all three Aspen Coffee Co.’s and The Coffee House just to hit the books.”

Though the anatomy of an Oklahoma hipster is similar to hipsters on the coast, OSU gets bonus points for working the local culture in favor of their obscure fashion. “We may be from Oklahoma, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to make cowboy hats and boots hipster,” Liz says.

First of all, the struggle to grab coffee between classes at one of the Aspens is that you have to somehow get to one of the Aspens from campus (by foot or car) not because of how crowded they are.

And I’m sure Boone would be surprised to find that cowboy hats and boots are considered hipster…

Until I see Marcus Smart and Daytawion Lowe rocking the Russell Westbrook glasses, I refuse to be convinced OSU is in the top 30, much less the top three.

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