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Oklahoma State Wrestling to Receive Facility Updates

The Cowboys’ locker room is set for an update.



Oklahoma State will be making some updates to the current wrestling facilities this summer, PFB has learned.

About three years ago the Cowboys’ locker room was expanded after the soccer program received a new facility. The lockers were moved down to what was once the soccer locker room and the old wrestle room was converted to a small cardio gym.

After receiving the new locker room and converting the old one, the locker room and wrestling room were still a bit behind some of the renovations that the men’s and women’s basketball teams had recently received. The updates are expected to bring the wrestling facilities in line with those.

Here is a video of the girl’s hoops locker room.

And the men’s:

These updates will not take the place of the standalone wrestling facility plan that outgoing OSU athletic director Mike Holder had been working towards since the announcement of the new baseball facility. The search for funding for that project continues.

But the general idea is this will get wrestling in line with the upgrades already given to the basketball programs and should be a nice step up while the administration continues to search for funding for their standalone facility.

The construction is scheduled to start following the end of the summer wrestling camps.

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