#okstate roundup: Gundy chills out at Chick-fil-A

Written by Kyle Porter



Gundy is so chilled out.

In response to Gundy saying he cared about the team, not the fans.

I laughed.

Ehhhhhh, I’m not sure about that.

Won’t share with Chelf and Walsh? Wut?


Weeden did not have Pettigrew (or Dez!) and nobody made Weeden. I watched every throw, he was the real deal.


Where was this when I was a kid???

All orange everything.

No. 1 Union.

This seems like it was difficult to do.

  • Corey

    Weeden also didn’t have Dez. I’m not sure what that guy’s talking about.

  • willham

    Among criticisms of Weeden i’ve read are that he throws the ball too hard. Funny that his college receivers had no problem with that but is “professional” receivers do.

  • ChanceDM

    Ultimately, yeah, the football team is there to represent the university, but I think Gundy has the right attitude. He’s gotta focus on what’s best for the team, not what makes the fans happy. And really, doesn’t the former lead to the latter?

    • Jake

      Yes, but you can’t SAY that.

      • ChanceDM

        heh, good point.

  • TeaTown Cowboy

    There sure does seem to be a lot of fair-weather fans. Did we get some zerOU bandwagoners hopping aboard the Ok State posse? Go back to land thieving! 😀

    • Mike

      I don’t see many fair weather fans. Having relatively high expectations of a program that’s this big and has this much financial backing is warranted.

    • Scott in Texas

      Many alumni besides TBP have given huge amounts of money to give the University top tier facilities. I’ve spent significant amounts to attend games in Stillwater, Houston and San Antonio. Seats in TBPS can cost $100’s. many are making a major commitment.

      The flip side of this is that many of us have high expectations and justifiably so. I won’t dog on a kid doing his best and coming up short but I won’t hesitate to opine if I think our well paid coaches aren’t recruiting and coaching to the level their paychecks justify.