#okstate roundup: Gundy picks OSU to Final Four

Written by Kyle Porter

Resume Launch

Not holding my breath.

Always a good tweet.


Hah, that’s pretty crazy.

I think the reaction I had to this tweet means I’m getting old.


American gonna American.

Which bank?


Great shot.

This is really cool.

Missouri St. and OSU yesterday..

  • spokepokes

    Can we all agree it seems blatantly obvious Gundy doesn’t run his own Twitter account?

    • Scott in Texas

      Agreed. He should either do it himself or stop the fraud. Or let Clint Chelf tweet for him.

      • Tyler

        Chelf for twitter heisman

    • KWC

      Gundy has said that he does not run the account on his own. He has said in past that him and some guy run the account. Gundy rarely tweets on there. Which is clear by some of the stuff that is put on there.

  • Scott

    twitter says Oregon for Lyle. But – it’s twitter… who knows.

  • Pete

    Not only is Pistol Pete represented, but also note the pens in that NCIS picture are in an OSU mug. Good catch Nick!

    • brighterorange74

      Bishop is from Oklahoma and is depicted as absolutely brilliant. I love that she’s supposed to be an Oklahoma State grad.
      Maybe we could get Pete a guest spot on the show?

      • T

        The computer dude on NCIS LA is also depicted as an OSU grad.