#okstate roundup: Josh Stewart proposes

Written by Kyle Porter

Resume Launch

That would be quite a Final Four..





I laughed.


Somebody should.

Four more years!

Josh Stewart proposed last night.

Nice bling.

Let’s do this.

I knew Burns was a Titleist guy.


  • okiewhaler

    Schedules “make Pete mustache” for Friday morning in between meetings.

  • jls2osu

    I have been wondering why on earth Quinn Sharp has not been signed???? I cannot figure it out.

    • Dr. Funkenstein

      NFL football are a completely different shape. 😛

    • Tyler

      Think about how good nfl kickers are. They rarely miss inside 50 yards and there’s only 32 of them then once they land a job they keep it for several years. Very hard for a new kicker to get into that fraternity. I do believe Sharp has the talent it’s just a really competitive market

  • TeaTown Cowboy

    Somebody let Brendon know girl isn’t yet a bride BEFORE the wedding. 😛