#okstate roundup: Who is the best coach at OSU?

Written by Kyle Porter

Resume LaunchCorrect.

It’s probably true.

Oh my.

Can’t really disagree..



Nah, Gottlieb is the fit.


Yes sir.



I’ll still take Gundy, I think, but this is in play.

What is this building a program thing?



Such a cool look…

Great pic.

Love it.

Coach Littell and his daughter.


  • Adam

    OSU’s best coach, proably John Smith or Holliday, with the edge going to multi-NCAA champ Smith. After that our CC and track coachs next, then Gundy/Littell, then our Women’s Soccer coach, then whoever runs the Colvin, then Ford.

    • TeaTown Cowboy

      Yah, I’d go w/ John John.

  • Daniel

    I’m not sure how the head coach question is even a discussion. It’s clearly John Smith (unless you don’t factor in championships.) I like all the other ones, minus Ford, but its just not a comparison.

  • TeaTown Cowboy

    Ben Howland??? Dude’s on some Heisenberg Blue Ice…

    • Just throwing names out there besides Gottlieb. What’s wrong with Howland though? Not the worst choice.

      • TeaTown Cowboy

        Did you not notice how Ucla went nowhere with him? He’ll have to go to a mid-major first to resurrect his career IMO.

  • Nate

    Wait a minute… When has OSU been playing at a “high level” under Ford? The answer is never. Against Memphis people were there. Against K State, KU, & OU last year people were there. They’ve never played a “high level” consistently, but when OSU has been decent and respectable under Ford (very few instances) people were there.

  • Geoff

    Best coach is John Smith and it’s not even close. Multiple NCAA championships? Winner.

  • OSU-Bill

    To be fair to Mike Harris, he did address John Smith in some follow-up tweets:

    March 25, 2014

    March 25, 2014

    March 25, 2014

  • davids

    I would have to say Dave Smith the director of track and field and cross country coach. Where were these programs before he arrived? Congrats on the Big 12 Indoor Track Championship and the top 6 finish for men and top 15 for women at NCAA meet. Of course we are all proud of the men’s 3 National Championships and a runner up in the last five years of XC. I predict the OSU women will become a national power in the future. Lot of good choices for best coach but I didn’t want Dave to be overlooked.

  • Pokelahoma

    Oh man you missed the second part!