#okstate roundup: Will Travis Ford ever get to the Elite Eight?

Written by Kyle Porter

Resume Launch

I will bet all of the money Boone Pickens has against that.

I laughed.


Will you put the video of you eating the crow on PFB?


“NFL vet” might be a stretch but yeah, he’s the man.

Great shot.

Eddie gonna Eddie.

Fantastic shot here.

Doesn’t look real.

  • Pistols Fired!!

    Travis Ford WILL make it to an Elite Eight!!! There is no doubt… all he has to do is want to. The tickets are NOT too expensive considering the unearned money he makes…. jmho.

    • SoS

      Yep. He can go as a spectator. If you can’t do anything with the players we had this year, then there is little hope he can do anything in the future

      • T-Bone

        Really weird, but yes, kind of true. It’s still hard to fathom. I mean Gonzaga shot 52%! What the hell. Is it just bad luck? Bad chemistry? I don’t know but this last year was not good other than actually making the tourney as a pity bid.

  • Fred

    Ginger Power signed a veteran minimum contract, so technically . . .

  • Tyler

    In Weeden’s head “how did you ever put Alex Cate above me on the depth chart!?”

  • Go Pokes

    I doubt Ford makes a elite eight but at the same time in the tourney crazy thing happen, and the best eight teams don’t always make it you just catch a break and all the sudden you’re in the E8 or Sweet 16. Look at Tennessee this year – people want to fire Martin and bring Pearl back, Martin makes the play in games and they win, then they win the first round, they catch a break and get Mercer and all the sudden their SS bound, and they almost beat UM if the guy wouldn’t have pulled a Smart and flopped.