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OSU Goes White-White-Black for Texas Tech

The badge lives.



[Twitter: @CowboyFB]

Oklahoma State is going with a white-white-black combination for its road game against Texas Tech. The badge is not, in fact, dead.

This is a very nice road look, and it features the badge helmet for the first time this season. The last we saw the badge in any fashion was on the barbed wire helmet against Baylor in 2018. We haven’t seen this specific helmet look since the TCU game in 2017. The last W-W-B combination was worn against TCU last year.

All three of those games mentioned ended in an L for OSU, so let’s hope the Cowboys can buck tradition as double-digit favorites on the road. If you’re superstitious, don’t fret. OSU is 3-2 in W-W-B since the start of 2011.

If you’re keeping score, no nailed this week’s combo, but Justin Southwell called the white jersey and black pants this week’s preview.

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