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Big thanks to a special PFB contributor, Adam Kemp who is currently a senior sports reporter for the O’Colly and provided today’s post as well as the photos. You can follow him on Twitter here and look at the rest of his pictures on Flickr here.

It is truly a bizarre site to watch a 300-pound man run 40 yards as fast as his tree-trunk legs will carry him. But hey, I can’t blame guys like Chris Donaldson or Anthony Morgan for trying. The chance to get on an NFL team is a slim one, so they are doing whatever they can just to prove they are worth a shot.

Chris Donaldson lumbers through his Pro Day workout

Watching OSU’s Pro Timing Day on Wednesday was another stark reminder that while college sports is all about a love of the game and on-field heroics, the NFL is a big business and guys like Kendall Hunter, Orie Lemon, Andrew McGee, Dan Bailey and Ugo Chinasa all have a great chance of being a part of that.

Kendall has always been a guy that’s been slow with sharing what’s on his mind, but after he finished his workout for scouts, he made it clear that his interviewing skills had been one of many things he had been working on.

“Now it’s time for me to start opening up and being more social.”

As a member of the media who has tried to get Kendall to say something for the past four years, this made me giggle. Here’s a guy that while in college didn’t really think much about talking to people because he was there to just play football. However, now he knows that he has to show teams what he’s all about. He held court with multiple scouts and told them about his background as one of three kids, raised by just his mother and how they struggled with money growing up by how she is his role model for persevering and helping him become the man he is now.

“I can’t wait to take care of my mom with that first paycheck,” Hunter said. “I’ll get her anything she wants. This is just a great opportunity to care of my family.”

Kendall Hunter talks to a representative of the Atlanta Falcons in OSU's weight room

The subject of money was a popular one among the media too, Andrew McGee touched on the possibility of earning a large NFL paycheck.

“Even though we try not to think about the money, everybody is thinking about it. It’s natural to think ‘Wow this time next year I could be making a lot of money.’ But I am a firm believer that the love of money is the root of evil because that’s what the Bible says so I have tried to prepare myself to be a good steward of my money and definitely be smart about it. A lot of people go bankrupt after the NFL, so I just don’t want to blow it.”

Shane Jarka was one of the few guys to not run a 40. He said his knee hurt. So instead the big guy tore it up on the bench press with 34 reps of 225 pounds.

Jarka talked a lot about what it’s like getting a shot to make a roster but he kept coming back around to how much his time at OSU meant to him.

“This is the next stage of my life that I need to get to but I am really going to miss it. I am going to miss the whole college experience and playing in Boone Pickens Stadium in front of these awesome fans is something that I am going to miss everyday. It’s bittersweet.”

Justin Gent finishes his 40

McGee also said he hopes his days at OSU aren’t through quite yet.

“I just want to be around here and maybe coach Gundy will just let me be around after the NFL is over with. I just know OSU is going to be in my future some way.”

Plenty of the guys had thoughts about the possibility of there not being any games next season if the NFL players and owners can’t come to an agreement, but Dan Bailey said the matter is out of his hands so he isn’t worrying about it.

“There’s always the UFL or CFL or something I guess,” Bailey said.

But would Dan the man consider a change of sport all together? Perhaps trying his hand in the English Premiere League instead of the NFL…

“If I was good enough to play in the premier league then I would definitely wanna play soccer but there is no way I am good enough so I will try out the football thing since that is what I have going for me.”

Keith Toston looks on as his former teammates perform

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