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OSU Wrestling and their Horror Movie Villain Counterparts

Comparing Oklahoma State wrestlers to some of their horror movie equivalents



Last Halloween I took a look at ten of the “scariest” wrestlers in Oklahoma State history. This year I happened to be watching some scary movies and thought I’d try and get creative and take a look at some horror movie characters and how they compare to Oklahoma State wrestlers.

Let’s dive in.

Ed Gallagher-Dr. Frankenstein

If you’ve read the book or seen the movie, Frankenstein is not the name of the monster, it’s the name of the Doctor who created the monster… and that’s Ed Gallagher. The man who created the monster that is Oklahoma State wrestling.

The unique thing about Gallagher is he never actually wrestled. He played football and ran track at Oklahoma State then later became the wrestling coach and athletic director. Gallagher received an engineering degree from Oklahoma State and used that knowledge to lay the groundwork for what modern wrestling currently is today. Much like the world in the movie Frankenstein was not ready for the Doctor to stitch together and reanimate a human body, the wrestling world was not ready for Ed Gallagher’s wrestling teams. The foundation created by Gallagher wreaked havoc on the wrestling world and over 100 years later is still historically the most successful program in the sport.

John Smith-The Invisible Man

To find a character comparable to John Smith, I had to go the mad scientist route, similar to Gallagher and Dr. Frankenstein. The plot of the old black and white Invisible Man movie and the one that came out this year differ a bit, but have some level of similarity. A person discovers the power to make themselves invisible, then uses that power to impose their will on others. John Smith essentially did this with his low single and other techniques he developed in wrestling.

The things John did as a competitor in the sport of wrestling were completely unheard of at the time. He created moves and techniques never used before and perfected them in ways wrestling had never seen. Much like the characters in the Invisible Man films could not figure out how to stop the Invisible Man, the people John Smith wrestled could not figure out his low single and other techniques he had developed. This carried him to being a six time World and Olympic champ.

Coach Smith even describes himself as a bit of a mad scientist in this old interview with Flo

Jamill Kelly-Jason from the first Friday the 13th

I have to break this one down a little bit. There are ridiculous number of Friday the 13th movies. I looked it up and discovered there were 12 in total! And the Jason character changes a lot throughout each of those movies.

Spoiler alert: He’s not the killer for most of the first one, it’s his mom. Then with a few seconds left in the movie after you think everything has calmed down, Jason comes out of nowhere, jumps out the lake, and grabs the last remaining survivor.

Jamill Kelly had a career that sort of mirrored the storyline of Jason in this movie. He wasn’t a state champion in high school and was never an All-American in college. He even had a fairly quiet postgrad career leading up to the 2004 Olympic trials and Olympics. Then just like Jason quietly not making any big appearance throughout the movie, then jumping out of the water at the last second. Jamill Kelly shocked everyone as he jumped out and made an insane run through the 2004 Olympic trials and went on to win a silver medal in Athens.

Steve Mocco-Jason from Every other Friday the 13th Movie

Jason in every other Friday the 13th movie is very different from the Jason in the first one. After only being in the last few seconds of the first movie, Jason becomes a hockey mask wearing psychopath that goes around bludgeoning people to death for the rest of the series.

Mocco roughed people up. His style was in your face, violent, and brutal. Even as an Oklahoma State fan, you almost felt sorry for anyone he had to wrestle.

Jordan Oliver-The Jackal from Thirteen Ghosts

This one doesn’t take much explanation or breaking down. The man has it tattooed on him.

Boo Lewallen and Anthony Montalvo-Michael Myers

Michael Myers from Halloween is probably the most famous horror movie villain out there. There are about 100 movies with him, so I thought it would be fair to list two people here with Boo Lewallen and Anthony Montalvo. Myers isn’t real fancy with how he goes about his business, he just walks around with a knife and stabs people. What stands out about him is he somehow never gets tired. His victims run, trip, fall and get back up, and find themselves exhausted and beat up. Myers on the other hand gets stabbed, shot, battered, beaten and bruised, but keeps moving forward and eventually catches up to them.

Montalvo’s a lot like that in how he wrestles. Not real fancy or technical, but keeps a pace unlike any wrestler I’ve ever seen. In the third period of his matches when the other guy is gassed, he’s always picking up steam and moving forward even faster. This usually allows him to catch up to and beat a lot of wrestlers that seem like they have a chance to get away with a win late.

Boo Lewallen has seen everything in his career. From backing up a two-time NCAA champion for a bit, injury after injury, NCAA tournament cancellations due to COVID-19, and a whole lot more. The man just keeps enduring and coming back though. The same way Myers gets shot, stabbed, burned, and keeps going after people, Boo just keeps coming back to life no matter what happens to him.

Gary Calcagno-Jigsaw from the movie Saw

I have to admit on this one, I’ve pretty much only seen the first Saw film. I like a good scary movie, but Saw was always way too gory for my taste, so I never really watched any of the others. The general premise is the main character Jigsaw, whose identity isn’t revealed until the last few seconds of the movie, is he goes around putting people through these psychotic tests, and if they pass the tests, they get to live. Through his own insane view, he hopes it teaches them some life or moral lesson.

Gary Calcagno is the strength and conditioning coach for the Oklahoma State wrestling team. Similar to the way Jigsaw puts his people through those extreme tests, Gary puts these wrestler through the ringer with his workouts. Interestingly with Gary, if you speak to his current athletes, they’ll tell you how intense his workouts are and how tough he can be. On the other hand, every time I speak with the older guys who have graduated and are no longer in the program, they rave about him as one of the best people they came in contact with during their time at OSU. So even though he’s definitely intense, his methods seem to be pretty effective and have a lasting impact on his athletes.

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