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OU Game Superlatives




Before we get to the game superlatives, I feel the need to adress something that is becoming more and more divisive by the day for OSU fans. The question in general is: are you excited about the future? Half of Cowboy nation says “heck yeah, give me three more years of Williams and Cobbins, give me all-conference Markel, give me another season of Nash, bring on Smart. The other half says “this team is a joke and its leader is an embarrassment to our alma mater.”

I’m staunchly in the first of those two camps and let me tell you why.

Because in the second half of a road game against a rivalry team, this band of 5.5 guys who have played more minutes than any starting five in the country (an estimation) came out and showed some pride. They cared. They gave more of a crap than most of us who have been fans for life. Keiton pulling contested threes, Markel yelling and playing in-your-face defense on people, Brian Williams going hard for 39 minutes.

It’s not the best team in the world, they have flaws, they are flawed, but that’s why I love them. Because they can sense they’re going somewhere. They know it. You can point to the 12-point first half or the fact that they got drilled by 20 against a 3-11 conference team, but they can taste it and so can I…this team is going to be great someday. Just hang with them right now.

Just hang on.

Over… when Pledger hit a three at the 5:41 mark to put OU up 63-47.

OSU lost… because you can’t put up 12 points in a half, any half, any half of any half, and expect to win.

What… a crappy outing from Nash. 3-15 from the field (including 0-4 from three) and never looked into the game. That’s what you get from first-year Nash though, here’s to hoping some of that aloofness melts next year.

Why… didn’t I call Keiton out earlier in the season? 29 from the Pistol on the heels of his 40-point masterpiece against Texas. It was too little too late, which is the story of his career (life?), but it was fun to watch.

Where… is Marek Soucek?? I want heat Czechs!

How… redneck is Toby Keith?

Who… jumped a little when Osby hammered on Cobbins in the second half? [raises hand]

Stat – OSU set a Big 12 record for fewest points in a half by 25%!! Their previous low was 16 against OU in ’99 (Desmond’s senior year) but they made that look like a Warriors Thunder game tonight.


We obviously struggled offensively in the first half and really didn’t respond

-Travis Ford

Like saying “Lindsay Lohan has a few things to work through.”

Hero – Keiton – at one point he was 3-14 from the field but he hit six of his last seven (all from three point range!) to finish 9-21 with 29 points.

Goat – Nash – you can’t say “there’s a 70% chance I’m coming back to OSU” and then go out and lay an egg like that. Slater is right…

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Grade C- The second half comeback saved this from being an F.

Next – A&M in GIA on Saturday. I expect at LEAST a 15-point W from the Cowboys.

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