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PFB Social Media Update: Follow Our New Channels Before Football Season



PFB’s audience across all social channels have ballooned from roughly 50,000 to 60,000 over the last year. The growth has coincided with the website’s growth, which has been great, but we’re determined to not stagnate as we continuously aim to build our reach to Cowboy fans across the U.S.

So this week, we launched two new social channels that I am highly recommending as official must follows for all OSU fans. The first is a football only Facebook page — wittily called Pistols Firing Football *takes bow*, which you can find here — and the second is a PFB fan page.

Here’s a snippet of what to expect from each.

Pistols Firing Football: This will be a PFB-run Facebook channel dedicated to delivering only PFB football news. The perfect follow for the upcoming season, and we’re almost at 300 likes. I’d like to get to 10K before the end of the season. If you want PFB news but want to weed out recruiting, wrestling, or other coverage (in other words, probably a lot of you!), this will be where all our football content will be shared.

(As an aside: PFB’s main Facebook channel, found here, will continue to share football news as it always has. This new football channel will simply be football only).

OK, next.

Pistols Firing Fans: This is a new channel that is officially a Facebook “group,” which allows for members of the channel to post freely. That’s different than our brand accounts. It is PFB-moderated (and from time to time, we may post in the channel as individuals), but it is created to be an outlet for OSU fans to share memes, gossip about Gundy’s mullet, discuss any news, rant, etc.

The page will be moderated to make sure only appropriate content is shared (you can read the group rules here), but on the whole, this is a group made for OSU fans to enjoy. A Facebook PFB forum, if you will. We encourage and welcome you to follow along and invite your friends to join.

The last I’d recommend is our ever-growing Instagram account. We’re up to 11,700 followers, and post links to our website content daily. Must follow, and we promise not to clog your feed too much. During this season, a lot of our on-the-scene content will be housed here. In the meantime, we keep things mostly light.

Happy birthday to Mike Gundy! He’s a man, he’s 40 (plus 11!) today!

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So that’s it for now. Here’s links to all our social channels — give us a follow, and we’ll promise to continue slinging out the good #content.

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