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Poll Recap: Most Fans Think Oklahoma State Will Lose Again



Oklahoma State is 3-1 after a surprising loss to TCU last weekend. I don’t think anyone (other than Kirk Herbstreit) saw it coming. Yet here we are. We can lament the poor play of the Cowboys all day, though we should also give TCU some credit.

With eight regular season games remaining, a lot of fans (myself included) are worried about the Cowboys reaching their goals of a Big 12 title and College Football Playoff invite. That’s not just my opinion based off comments and twitter rants; that’s what you said in this week’s poll:

Out of the 2,305 people that voted, 1,706 (74%) voted that OSU would lose at least one more game. Granted, most fans still think OSU only loses one more and finishes the regular season 10-2.

What’s interesting is, as usual most of the comments came from the more pessimistic side of the fan base (though not all).

“9-3. Pretty solid but at the end of the day you need the “horses” to beat the OUs of the world. Plus, if we turn the ball over and commit a bunch of penalties, we will lose even more. We can complain about DC and schemes all day long but at the end of the day, players have to make plays. TCU OLine dominated our DL. Will probably be the same against a few other teams” – b

“9-3 sounds about right. I think OU is gonna do what they want offensively against this defense. WV will probably throw for 500 yards against them too. I’m sure Mike and Mike will have a very conservative game plan for these two teams which doesn’t include any mid-route throws.” – Les Miles

“I’m going 8-4 unless by some miracle the Offensive Line can make leaps and bounds and play a lot better Ferrari’s don’t move w/o the engine.” – Scott Chance

“R-E-L-A-X. This team wasn’t going 12-0 because no one outside of Bama has a shot to go 12-0. I’m book marking this article so that I can come back and laugh at the sky is falling losers above. We’ll have 1 loss going into OU. If we win that game, Porter will have a “see aren’t you glad we lost early” article out by midnight. All is okay, TCU fumbled 4 times and recovered them all. We lost it 4 times. Lost by 6 (you don’t give up that late TD if you aren’t desperate to force a TO).” – Aaron Rodgers

“I’m trusting Mason Rudolph on this one! We run the table starting with a 20-point win against coach bro and the flying tortillas in Lubbock” – Seth Dow

“14-1, national champs. Why not?” – David

Look, I’ll be honest. It’s taking me until now to finally get past the loss and start looking forward. And I too am now far more fearful of this Saturday’s game against Texas Tech than I was.

It’s an understandable reaction to last week’s loss. We looked terrible, the offense was out of rhythm, and the defense couldn’t stop TCU.

But if you stop and really look at the game, it was a few big mistakes, rather than an overall horrible performance that cost OSU. Plus, we’ve been here before; West Virginia in 2013 and Baylor last year. We rebounded well both times, and unlike those instances, we lost to a good team, not a bad one.

It’s going to take a win this weekend to help us all truly bounce back from last weekend, but there’s no reason to think the Cowboys can’t rebound. They’ve done it before, they can do it again.

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