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Poll Recap: OSU Fans Think Cowboys Will Make Big 12 Title Game



OSU fans entered the season with high expectations for the team and what they would accomplish this season. After three weeks and an absolute pummeling of Pittsburgh, fans’ minds were reaching critical levels of excitement (myself included).

Then came the next four games — a 3-1 stretch that has done little to reassure fans that their early beliefs were anything but fool’s gold.

At least that’s what I thought. Especially with most of the comments I read in our stories… and on Facebook…. and on Twitter…etc…

So you can understand why I was shocked to see the results of this week’s poll.

57 percent may not be a dominating majority, but a majority it still is. A surprising one considering most of the comments were toward the no.

“No. We will definitely lose to OU, and quite possibly one or two other games (WVU, ISU, K St.) Given our offensive line problems, we’re going to have trouble moving the ball consistently against just about everyone on the schedule not named Kansas. I’m pretty sure we won’t beat ISU in Ames. I’ll be shocked if we finish better than 10-2.” – Guest

”¬†said it in today’s bullets already: I haven’t seen anything from this team that makes me confident they can win bedlam. Not saying they can’t, but I’m not confident. Any loss from here out puts OU & TCU in the driver’s seat, and because I don’t anticipate OSU winning every game from here out, I’m thinking the answer is “No.”” – Mark

“Nope. Many injuries on the OL and the coaching staff is getting outcoached in at least two of the next 5 games. Ames, Iowa looking scary now” – Les Miles

“There’s still a bit of left over orange kool aid left in the bottom of my glass which influenced my “yes” vote. But we will really have to count on some offensive adjustments and a stronger-than-expected defense to offset the OL injuries. Concerned about Bedlam and Ames…” – Alum in AZ

“I’m fairly confident we can make it. I’ve left my calendar open for the trip down at least.” – David

Here’s the thing. If you’ve watched any Big 12 football, there are only three things we know for sure: 1. The conference is deep with talent in the middle. 2. Nobody is perfect. 3. OSU is one of the three best teams in the conference this year.

Do I think this team goes 5-0 the rest of the way? No. But, do I think 10-2 gets you into the Big 12 title game? Yes. Yes I do. OSU will likely lose again and so will OU. I don’t believe for one second TCU makes it through the rest of the season undefeated.

10-2 will be good enough to make the Big 12 title game. And at this point, that’s all that matters.

Do I think they’ll make it? Yes I do. Am I willing to put money on that. Not at all.

But I’m not ready to case my orange-lensed shades just yet.


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