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Poll Results: Fans Have High Expectations for OSU in 2017



With just a week to go until OSU officially kicks off its season, fan excitement is building. With each new scrap of information — whether about backups or starters, or who is impressing Gundy — anticipation continues to swell.

Don’t believe me? Allow me to present you the evidence.

In our latest Twitter poll, Oklahoma State fans overwhelmingly believe that OSU should at least play for the Big 12 title, if not win it and head to the College Football Playoff.

While “Play for the Big 12 Title” got the most votes with 1,009, in all, 1,868 believe OSU is a conference and national title contender.

Fans backed up their belief in the comments section on the site and Twitter.

Laith: “Play for a B12 title. Clearly, we’re one of the top two teams in the Big 12 this year. So anything less than playing for the B12 title would be a disappointment. I wish I could say Getting into the CFB Playoff was our success defining level but that would pretty much imply going undefeated or dropping one and winning the title game and hoping the committee voted our way.”

jt: “Barring injury anything less than 10 wins, a spot in the big 12 title game, and in the hunt for a CFP spot would be a disappointment”

Chris Bynum: “obviously to play for and win the Big 12 is the goal. But 10+ wins in a season is definitely a success”

Tyler Jones: “We have been the # 2 team many times over the last few years, and that was with less firepower than we have now. This year it’s #titleorbust”

Guest: “With the talent we’ve got, anything less than winning the Big12 would be a disappointment. If we’re going to win it, and have a chance to go to the CFP, this is the year to do it.”

Poncho Pete: “If you ain’t first, you’re last!”

A lot of you also commented that there should have been a “Win the Big 12” option. It’s assumed if the Cowboys “Get into CFB Playoff” they will have had to win a conference title. Yes, as was mentioned, winning the Big 12 doesn’t guarantee a spot in the playoff, but it goes a long way towards making a case for its berth.

I can’t help it. I too believe OSU should at worst be in the Big 12 title game. I realize I made my crazy prediction that they would end up in the title match of the College Football Playoffs, but if I’m being a realist, that’s a lot to expect from any team not named Alabama. But missing the Big 12 title match? Tbat would be a real letdown for fans and the team this season. There’s too much talent and depth at too many key positions for them not to be one of the two best teams in the league.

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