Poll Results: Most Oklahoma State Fans Not Concerned with the Hype

Written by Phillip Slavin

As we get closer to August 31, the “hype” and expectations for Oklahoma State’s season continues to grow. We can all feel it, any every time now someone mentions the Cowboys, we hear phrases like, “one of the favorites to win the Big 12 title” and “college football playoff contender.” It’s enough to turn most fans into mad dogs foaming at the mouth.

The question though, is how is the team handling the hype and will it affect the way they handle the season? Are you fans worried about whether or not the team is getting too much hype?

The answer?… nah.

Out of the 1,412 fans who voted, 804 of you said, ‘no, I’m not concerned about the hype.” In fact that’s what was echoed in most of the comments I found on PFB and on Twitter:

Jason Sutton: “I’m not into the hype. My concern is that our players are. Hopefully, Gundy has them focused.”

Barrett Reed: “I don’t believe we are getting hyped more than we deserve. We haven’t proven anything except we have a great team returning who blew out Colorado to end last season. Looking back to 2009 after the Georgia win, that is when I believe we were way over-hyped. I think the group now knows we are a contender and we are still a bit under the radar to most folks around the country. I’m pumped for a memorable season!”

Chris Baker: “We’re not even picked to win the league over a team with a statistically worse defense and no returning RBs or WRs. The hype is fine.”

Tayvl: “Does anyone realize that hype is what recruits pay attention to? There’s nothing wrong with it if the team doesn’t get over-confident.”

Corbin Hackett: “What hype? Hype is something that’s not real…We’re all real. -Boobie Miles”

There’s a difference between hype and expectations.

Hype, to me, is when you build something up without much to fall back on. When you go out and build excitement for something.┬áThink about the job of the ‘hype man.’ It’s his job to get the crowd rowdy, get fans’ blood pumping. While OSU is promoting this team as something special, I don’t feel like the team is being ‘hyped.’ Yes, ESPN and national magazines are making theories about what OSU could do this season, but no one is going out saying they’re going to win a National Title.

There are a lot of expectations for this team, especially in and around the state of Oklahoma. They’re good enough to win a Big 12 title and reach the playoff. At worst, they have the talent to compete in every game on the schedule. And yes, they are being picked by some to reach the playoff.

These are lofty expectations, but I think Gundy and most of this team have been around long enough to know how to handle those. He talked about as much during his media day press conference.

Too much hype?… nah.






  • Big O

    “Poll Results: Most Oklahoma State Fans Who Use Twitter Not Concerned with the Hype”


    Those of us who are old enough to remember life before PCs have seen enough to know this year’s success on the field is far from guaranteed.

    • Yep…hype = heartburn.

    • Tayvl

      I’m in my seventies and am not concerned about the hype (this year). This team is mature and focused, and seem to merely be amused by the increased press and over-analyzation (and hand-wringing) by excited fans. The older guys have done a great job of teaching the young ones how to handle it all. Things should be sorted out after those first 3 games…

  • Anti-Nate

    Agreed with Big O. I’m old and concerned. There’s too much hype for my liking

  • MajorPayneCounty

    Well done Corbin Hackett.

  • Kim

    I just read an AP article all about OU. The article said OSU has never won a Big 12 title. Whaaaa!?!? Was 2011 all a dream?. I find us completely underrated & hope that motivates the ‘Boys!

  • Tbeezy

    I know this an old post but I think a way this hype really helps is it gets the playoff committee thinking about Oklahoma State. This may lead to voters giving us the benefit of the doubt if we have an off game or two.