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Poll Results: OSU Fans Most Excited to See Tyron Johnson Take the Field



There is a reason fans, players, coaches, and media have high expectations for this year’s Oklahoma State squad — a depth of talent. Not just at the top with the names we all know, but with the players who will be stepping onto the field in the orange and black for the first time.

Some names we’ve heard talked about since Spring Camp like Tyron Johnson, while others, like Chuba Hubbard, we only know from recruiting reports and interviews. However, there are plenty of newcomers to be excited about.

In recent years, OSU has had at least one freshmen player stand out and see quality game-time action. The most recent example of course is Justice Hill who used an 1,142-yard rookie year to earn the Big 12 Newcomer of the Year honor.

With the season opener getting closer, we asked OSU fans which Cowboy newcomer they are most excited to see when the season starts.

Fans on twitter overwhelmingly went with wide receiver Tyron Johnson.

If you don’t know by now what’s wrong with you Johnson transferred to Oklahoma State after a year with the LSU Tigers. The former five-star recruit sat out last season due to transfer rules, and in that time, has been generating a ton of buzz. Even Mason Rudolph is raving about what Johnson will do this year.

You guys offered a lot of great opinions about who you’re excited to see:

Michael H: “For the upcoming season alone, it’s got to be Tyron Johnson. It’s not every day that you have a newcomer that’s rumored to be as good (or better?) than your All-American mainstay. He’s also going to be the only five star recruit ever to play in an OSU uniform.”

SeattlePoke: “Realistically I have to say Tyron Johnson, but there is something about Chuba Hubbard that has me super intrigued. Read several articles basically stating that had he been in the US he would have been a 5 star athlete. It was lack of exposure from being in Canada that kept his ranking lower. Plus he got the vote from Dez. So he’s got that going for him.”

Mark: “#1 is Hubbard on my list. I’m just anxious to see what he can do with his speed. I would’ve voted for Johnson first but our receiving corp is so loaded I’m not sure that I would miss him that much.”

BigGriff36: “There definitely needs to be an all of the above option.. it’s too hard to choose!”

You guys threw in some other names in the mentions, including graduate transfers Aaron Cochran and Adrian Baker, and even offensive line coach Josh Henson.

I think Cochran and Baker will have the biggest impact of any newcomer, but it’s guys like Johnson and Hubbard who will have the best chances to ‘WOW’ us.

Personally, I vote for Hubbard. I think by the end of the year he’s the backup running back to Justice Hill. I don’t have a lot of fancy videos, graphs, and stats to back that up, it’s just how I feel. Also I got to interview the kid earlier this year at my previous site, and came away very impressed with him.

Each one of those four options has a chance to get OSU fans up out of the seats this season. I don’t know which one it will be, but I can’t wait to find out.

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