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Predicting the Next Three Commitments for Oklahoma State Football

Three recruits who OSU is in the mix to land — potentially soon.



Predicting what will happen in recruiting is a lot like trying to predict the weather. When you get it right, people expect you, a recruiting analyst, to get it right. But when you get it wrong, you, a recruiting analyst, look like a fool while people dance on you Old Takes Exposed style.

So here I am offering you a chance to enjoy both sides of the coin. I am prepared to lay out three (and only three!) recruiting predictions for who I think Oklahoma State will land next as commitments. Prepare your dancing shoes so you can dance on the bones of these takes when I go 0-for-3.

1. Collin Oliver | Class of 2021 | ILB | 6-2, 220

We’ll know soon whether I’m right or wrong. Oliver is committing on May 15.

All signs point to an imminent win for Oklahoma State for the Edmond Santa Fe standout, but it’s not a sure thing. He’s got plenty of other intriguing options including Utah, Nebraska, Arkansas and Ole Miss.

2. Donovan Stephens | Class of 2021 | OLB | 6-1, 205

It appeared as if Donovan Stephens would have been committed to the college of his choice by now. Just a few weeks ago, he announced he was committing on May 1. But those plans are shelved for now.

Still yet, OSU is in good position, with its only real competition being Texas Tech.

Where Stephens chooses to attend has real consequence for OSU though. They want him to come in as an outside linebacker, and they also want his Del City teammate, Rejhan Tatum, to join him. It’d be a sweet deal for OSU if it can land both.

3. CJ Baskerville | Class of 2021 | Safety | 6-2, 180

OSU was first to the party for CJ Baskerville, extending him an offer last fall. Every time I talk to a recruit they tell me who offers first really matters: it’s the first school and what it represents when a major university takes a chance on you.

I think that will play a huge role in Baskerville’s decision and help OSU win out here. No firm date on a decision, but I’d put OSU in the catbird seat as it competes for his services with Duke, Kansas, Houston, SMU and San Diego State.

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