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Q&A With Preferred Walk-On Lineman Dixon Loeffler



On Thursday, an offensive lineman from Nebraska named Dixon Loeffler committed to come to Oklahoma State as a preferred walk-on in the fall of 2017. Loeffler played a Class B Elkhorn in Nebraska and had some D-2 offers but nothing major from any D-1 school.

He will add depth to a position where depth is always important. We talked to him on Friday about his visit to Oklahoma State and what his hopes are for the future.

Kyle Porter: How did you end up visiting Oklahoma State?

Dixon Loeffler: My dad’s friend is a huge alum (Rick Cooper), and he sent film to Mike Groce, the assistant director of recruiting. They like me a lot so they asked me to come down on Thursday to see the facilities.

Porter: You’ve committed as a preferred walk-on?

Loeffler: “As a preferred walk-on. I’m going down in July for workouts.”

Porter: What stood out in terms of the facilities?

Loeffler: “What really stood out was the attention to detail on everything they have. Everything was super clean. The facilities were remarkable, world-class. Boone Pickens did a good job with absolutely everything they have there. It’s a good atmosphere. Everyone cares about your intentions not only with football but it seems like past football as well. They care about you as a person.”

Porter: How much did you interact with Mike Gundy?

Loeffler: “I met him briefly for about 2-3 minutes outside of BPS. He was talking about how I should come here. How it’s a good education. How coming out of college they’re getting jobs.”

Porter: What other offers did you have?

Loeffler: “I had multiple D-2 offers. Before my senior season I was talking to Iowa State, Wyoming, Drake and Missouri State. Throughout the season I lost contact. At the end of my season, the D-2 offers came in. None of the D1 offers came in so I was getting a little scared but optimistic at the same time.

“I never had the intention of walking on anywhere … but I decided it was my best option to walk on somewhere. I came down and saw the facilities. It was a great fit automatically.”

Porter: What are you most excited about when it comes to playing in the Big 12?

Loeffler: “Competition is bar none. Ever since I was a little kid I had the dream to play college football. I thought I was going to have multiple D1 offers but Class B in Nebraska is not the best scenario to be ranked or noticed. I didn’t have as much exposure as I wanted.”

Porter: What was the most impressive thing about campus?

Loeffler: “Not only the facilities but every building looks exactly the same — it’s all built the same, it all looks the same. You can’t tell when (they) were built. The academics were remarkable. Not only am I playing in the Big 12 but I’m getting a remarkable education.”

Porter: What are you going to major in?

Loeffler: “Construction management technology.”

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