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Q&A with Future Cowboy Wrestler Anthony Montalvo



I spoke with incoming 2018 recruit Anthony Montalvo of Buchanan High School in Clovis, California recently about a variety of topics. Montalvo is the No. 8 wrestler at 182 in high school and will join Travis Wittlake and Jalin Harper on campus this fall.

Here’s what he had to say.

On what weight he plans to wrestle: “As of now I believe it will be 184, but I’m a big team guy. If they need me to bulk up and go 197 or cut down to 174, I will.”

On what sold him on OSU: “The name man, it’s OSU, the godfather of them all. This is the school.”

On his first interaction with John Smith: “I got a call from John Smith. He’ll probably tell you, I choked up. He told me his name and I froze. He was like ‘are you there?'”

On his current season: “It’s going well. I’ve only had 1-2 matches in California go the whole three rounds. Really just working to develop my game right now.”

On his energy he brings to matches: “You know it’s weird. Off the mat I’m really cool, calm, collected. I joke around a lot. I get on the mat and I see that red and somehow for me I feel more energized in the 3rd than I do in the 1st. It’s weird the way it works, but I love it. It’s my style of wrestling.”

On Redshirting: “I’m a competitor. If it were up to me I’d like to come in and try to start, but it’s a coaches decision. I’ll do whatever they feel is best.”

On how he expects the transition from Clovis to Stillwater to go: “I actually felt right at home there. I grew up in a town about half the size of Stillwater, so it was a great fit. It took one weekend to feel like home. I can’t wait to get out there.”

On when he plans to come out to Stillwater: “Immediately after graduation. I’ll be moving out right after school.”

On coming in with a highly-touted recruit like Travis Wittlake (No. 1 recruit at 170): “I’m super excited to have the opportunity to work with a guy like that that’s in my class. The opportunity to get in and wrestle with a guy like that every day. That’s something I dream of. I love that stuff. I’m convinced that if me and him see each other all the time, we can push each other to the next level.”

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