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Ramon Richards Hosts Free Cereal Bar after Game-Winning Interception



Every year, Oklahoma State Young Life hosts a back to school cereal bar at 9 p.m. on the first Wednesday of classes. Cowboy safety Ramon Richards made an appearance at this years’ cereal bar and mingled among a crowd of about 50 people. The cereal bar is similar to most Young Life events, a fun and relaxing atmosphere and a unique event that many other clubs would not likely think to do.

Thankfully, Ramon Richards is a man of his word. Apparently the senior safety had so much fun at the event that he promised to hold a free cereal bar of his own for every interception he makes in 2017. So there he was with a table filled with marshmallow mateys and other quality malt-o-meal cereals out in front of the library following his weekend heroics. On the behalf of many Oklahoma State students in need of a Monday pick-me-up, thank you Sam Ehlinger.

Ramon Richards is once again undefeated in the personality department. I didn’t know if he could top his “Real Talk With Ramon Richards” segments from last year but this video just might do it.

I don’t know how you can’t enjoy Ramon doing… whatever he was doing in that video, but apparently not quite everyone could appreciate Ramon handing out free cereal.

C’mon Probs, lighten up and enjoy some cereal.

(Also, I’d love to see this happen again next week, make it happen Will Grier.)

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