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Ranking Big 12 teams’ chances of winning the conference

Baylor and OU are clearly at the top and TCU gets a bump because of knocking off the Sooners. OSU? It’s about to get ugly.



David Glidden fights off an Iowa State defender (USATSI)

David Glidden fights off an Iowa State defender (USATSI)

I’ve been thinking for a while about how to do this. Everybody has their method — which team they consider best, which team has the best resume, which team has the best mascot, etc. — and none is right or wrong (this is the Internet, dang it!)

I think I’ve settled on some sort of hybrid “which team has the best chance to win the Big 12” based on past performance (TCU over OU) and expected result (OU has two road games left).

That might change next week but for now that’s what it is.

Let’s get to work.

1. Oklahoma: I talked an amount of crap on Twitter Saturday that would have made Floyd Mayweather raise an eyebrow but it’s pretty clear to me that OU is still going to win the conference.

They get Baylor, OSU, and Kansas State at home and the only dangerous road game is at Tech (unless you think going to Iowa State is a dangerous road game………………………………………………………….)

Losing one doesn’t matter unless the team you lost to is going to lose fewer than two and TCU isn’t going to lose fewer than two.

2. Baylor: They can afford a stumble at West Virginia or in Waco against OSU or Kansas State but the road to the Big 12 title figuratively goes through Norman this year and Baylor won’t be the favorite.

3. TCU: They’ve certainly positioned themselves nicely but they’ll have to win three of at Baylor, OSU at home, K-State at home, and at Texas and not have any major gaffes AND probably hope OU beats Baylor in Norman.

That’s a lot to ask for from a team that thinks its a good idea to camouflage its kick returners in the end zone.

4. Kansas State: Snyder may be a wizard but I’m not sure he’s capable of flipping a schedule that includes trips to Waco, Norman, and Ft. Worth. Yikes.

5. Oklahoma State: [looks at schedule, looks at offensive line, looks back at schedule]

6. West Virginia: They needed to beat OU at home and they didn’t.

7. Texas: at Kansas State, at OSU, and OU in Dallas? No.

8. Texas Tech: How long is that Kingsbury leash? It’s really, really long, right? Right?!

9. Iowa State: The only 0-3 team so far. They’ll be mathematically eliminated before November.

10. Kansas basketball: Why not?

11. Kansas football: Getting Kansas at like 4 million-to-1 right now to win the Big 12 and then watching them win the Big 12 would be the greatest gambling story ever.

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