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Ranking Oklahoma State’s Class of 2020

A look at how all 18 of OSU’s current commits stack up, according to 247.



With National Signing Day No. 1 (is that what we’re officially calling it?) on deck on Wednesday, I thought we should roll through OSU’s commitment list and see where each recruit ranks, according to 247.


Shane Illingworth (QB) — No. 5 at his position

Currently Illingworth is the only 4-star OSU has committed, which I suppose if you’re going to pick one position to have as your only 4-star, this is the one you’d pick. Illingworth is the No. 156 player in the country and a top-20 guy out of California. Many, many words have been written about him on this site, most recently (and notably) by Dustin Ragusa right here.

High 3-Stars

Trent Pullen (OG) — No. 25 at his position
Eli Russ (OG) — No. 28
Korie Black (CB) — No. 36
Matt Polk (WR) — No. 91
Quinton Stewart (CW) — No. 26
Cade Bennett (OG) — No. 52
Jeff Roberson (LB) — No. 37
Jordan Reagan (CB) — No. 76
Rashod Owens (ATH) — No. 63
Jabar Muhammad (CB) — No. 84

Heavy on offensive linemen and secondary guys (presuming that pretty much everybody OSU recruits that’s not a defensive lineman will play in the secondary, and even some guys that are defensive linemen — like Trace Ford — will as well).

Again, this is good. I get a little concerned when I see so few skill-position guys (two) on this list, but I think at a place like OSU, if you have to pick positions to have the best guys in your class, you’re probably picking OL/defense and trusting Kasey Dunn to figure out the rest.

Low 3-Stars

Cole Thompson (LB) — No. 50 at his position
Brennan Presley (ATH) — No. 101
Grant Mahon (DT) — No. 98
Zach Middleton (S) — No. 104
Monroe Mills (OL) — No. 120
Tyren Irby (DE) — No. 6 (JUCO)
Nicolas Session (S) — No. 142

Presley not being a top-100 athlete is going to look silly in 2-3 years.

More notes.

• OSU only has 18 players committed currently and they’re ranked No. 40 nationally. If Daniyel Ngata and Mason Cobb commit as you’re reading this, that would bump them to No. 27 nationally (which would be good!).

• However, the average per-player rating is currently .86, which is exactly what it was last year and about the same as the year before. This is more or less a classic Gundy class with loads of 3-stars and one or two 4-star skill guys.

• Still, like I noted above, I like the makeup of the positions when it comes to the class. Charlie Dickey might be able to recruit!

• Mason Cobb would fit right in the middle of this class in terms of overall ranking. Right ahead of Presley and right behind Cole Thompson.

• Ngata would slot No. 1 and would be the No. 6 all-time recruit in OSU history.

• Isaiah Jacobs would be the No. 3 guy in this class behind Illingworth and Pullen, which would be a pretty sweet consolation prize if they don’t land Ngata (which I don’t think they will).

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