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Ranking the football uniforms: No. 18

The gray-orange-gray look isn’t the worst combination but the helmets made it look awful.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

Uniform No. 18: Gray-Orange-Gray
Worn: Home against Baylor
Result: Win, 59-24

This game holds a special place in my heart, these uniforms do not.

The killer is that if they had worn the new gray helmet or even the snazzy (newer) gray helmed they debuted at Kansas in 2012, this would have probably been a top 12 uniform for me. I just can’t do these helmets, they’re the worst.

They look like something I would buy at Academy[1. No offense, Academy, if you want to sponsor the site or something.] for a peewee league team. With OSU decals from Chris’.

Also, the orange and gray together isn’t my favorite. I like the white and black tops better with the gray pants.

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