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Ranking the football uniforms: No. 22

The Orange-Orange-Orange look is not a good one for OSU.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

So yesterday I told you I was going to rank my top 11 but I got so much positive feedback on the post I thought “heck, we’ve got a month until the season starts, let’s just rank all 22 of the combinations OSU has worn in the last two seasons.

We’ll go back to No. 22 (the worst ones they’ve worn) today and work our way towards the top as the season closes in.

Uniform No. 22: Orange (Pete)-Orange-Orange
Worn: Homecoming against Iowa State
Result: Win, 31-10

I’ve never really liked the all-orange look for OSU — we did it for Nebraska at home in 2010 and I wanted to scrape my eyeballs from their sockets.

And this was just an abject disaster. The Iowa State game marked the debut of the Pete logo, which is so small it looks like a white-ish dot on your TV screen unless your TV screen is 100+ inches.

It’s just the worst look OSU can possibly throw out there. It looks like we have 22 Rickie Fowlers running around trying to tackle people and score touchdowns. Never again.[1. I hope.]

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