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Ranking the Programs



Since the Thunder moved to OKC in 2008, there have been four years worth of seasons for the state’s big five programs: Thunder hoops, OSU/OU football, and OSU/OU hoops. Here’s how their winning percentages stack up…

The graph is an intriguing one. The only programs consistently going somewhere are the Thunder and OSU football.

And they rank like this in overall winning percentage:

OSU football – 79%
OU football – 77%
OSU hoops – 59%
Thunder – 57%
OU hoops – 55%

Is anyone suggesting that OSU’s football program is the best of any of the five in the state? No, I don’t believe so, not with KD raining bombs and Harden asserting his facial hair all over unwitting defenders.

But the narrative is an interesting one. Obviously the Thunder are hampered by that 23-59 first season but I still would have thought they’d at least be within 19% of OSU and OU football. And you could have won a couple of c-notes off of some poor soul betting them that the Thunder were a more winning team than OSU basketball over the last four years.

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